2013: Freelancing Like It’s My Job

December 26th, 2013


Happy Holidays! The year of 2013 in Grand Rapids has brought a rewarding amount of local photo-shoot opportunities for me. Freelancing has probably been one of the best choices for me to pursue throughout high school. This being that I am not stuck working countless hours at a greasy fast-food joint for minimum wage. I am doing what I love!

I have found that a majority of the work I have been doing these past couple of months have been senior pictures for high school students. This has been quite enjoyable because I am working with peers that are my age so I do not feel the pressure of working under people of those older then I. It has been great experience getting acquainted with a field that includes much of freelance work and for which I cannot beĀ happier.


Another great experience this past season was doing some family photos for a coworker of my mom’s! And when I mean family photos, I mean the WHOLE family including aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews… you get the picture. Not having much prior experience to was definitely a lot less over whelming once I dipped my toes in the water.

For such a large group of people, the day was very enjoyable because the family was silly and willing to have fun with the pictures, which made my job much easier!


I recommend for anyone that has any drive or motivation to do any sort of extra work for anyone to at least try freelancing. Whether you do it as a side gig, or as a full time job, the benefits can be quite rewarding as you make the rules and can approach your work as however you please!

This weekend I am off to La Crosse, Wisconsin for a day of wedding photos! I have looking forward to this project for a few months now, and it will be good to get away for a few days before the year comes to a close. I hope you enjoy your weekend readers and had a wonderful Christmas! xxoo


Wedding Material

The other week, I had my first wedding gig. A friend who has had close ties with our family for a long time, messaged me, and I was booked for a day of taking some fun pictures along with another photographer at their wedding. It was a good day, and I think I managed to get some good shots as well!

Annie and her bridesmaids. Very pretty.

They had a little too much fun at the pond. šŸ˜‰

After some fun with the bridesmaids, I moved along to the groom, where I got a cute shot of the bride and groom’s child.

The bride’s two nieces line up for a pic!

The bride and groom as they exchange vows…

…and rings

And lastly, my favorite…

Full collection right here!

It was a great day, and may I say, a great wedding. It was nice to help out document these two’s special day!(: