2013: Freelancing Like It’s My Job

December 26th, 2013


Happy Holidays! The year of 2013 in Grand Rapids has brought a rewarding amount of local photo-shoot opportunities for me. Freelancing has probably been one of the best choices for me to pursue throughout high school. This being that I am not stuck working countless hours at a greasy fast-food joint for minimum wage. I am doing what I love!

I have found that a majority of the work I have been doing these past couple of months have been senior pictures for high school students. This has been quite enjoyable because I am working with peers that are my age so I do not feel the pressure of working under people of those older then I. It has been great experience getting acquainted with a field that includes much of freelance work and for which I cannot be happier.


Another great experience this past season was doing some family photos for a coworker of my mom’s! And when I mean family photos, I mean the WHOLE family including aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews… you get the picture. Not having much prior experience to was definitely a lot less over whelming once I dipped my toes in the water.

For such a large group of people, the day was very enjoyable because the family was silly and willing to have fun with the pictures, which made my job much easier!


I recommend for anyone that has any drive or motivation to do any sort of extra work for anyone to at least try freelancing. Whether you do it as a side gig, or as a full time job, the benefits can be quite rewarding as you make the rules and can approach your work as however you please!

This weekend I am off to La Crosse, Wisconsin for a day of wedding photos! I have looking forward to this project for a few months now, and it will be good to get away for a few days before the year comes to a close. I hope you enjoy your weekend readers and had a wonderful Christmas! xxoo



August 5th, 2013


Yes! Yet again, I will be off for another week of adventure during this wonderful Summer! I will be heading to the East Coast along with our family friend Erin(Annmarie’s Maid Of Honor) to reunite with Annmarie and my brother in-law Brad! I cannot wait to spend some time in one of my favorite regions of the U.S.!

I will be getting to experience the Pennsylvania Amish first hand, visit the city of my dreams, and spend some time as siblings! It’s going to be one hell of a week! xxoo

May Windup! Monthly Favorites

May 29th, 2013


I can definitely say that this month has taken me definitely by storm! These past few weeks have been hectic with multiple final projects, AP testing, all whilst juggling the blog, things have seemed a little out of order this month. I am excited to move onto June and into Summer where I will have so much more personal interests for me to focus on!

Arabelle Sicardi of Fashion Pirate (credit photo above) has been a blogging inspiration for me from early 2012 when I started blogging last year. Her simplistic blog style, and her outfit shoots have inspired me greatly in my own type of wardrobe. She also does a lot of thrifting which proves that you don’t need luxury brands to make yourself fashionable.

good day thrifting

Most of my fashion finds of this month has been from the thrift store. I have been trying to be less “title hungry” and challenge myself to find more at thrift stores, and the three finds above from the past weekend have not kept me disappointed. I especially can’t wait to wear the purple windbreaker in the Winter!

My theater teacher sent some classmates of mine, including myself this video of Lady Gaga’s live performance of hair. I hadn’t even heard this Gaga song before seeing this video, and I am in love with the acoustic version much more! You’d be surprised but most acoustic versions sound much better then the radio, or studio versions.

Favorite Moments Of The Month

+ Seeing Wicked for the first time!
+ Finishing my AP test!
+ Increased use of shoes from H&M
+ More Visits To Bloop
+ Performing Children’s Theater for elementary schools
+ Turning 17!
+ Learning to Twerk on a wall.
+ The GQ June Issue
+ Visits to Grand Haven!
+ Deep fried food up North!
+ Thrift shops in Cadillac


May has been a busy month like I said earlier but I feel like these next few months are just going to get more busy. While my attention won’t be focused as much on school, I have plenty of projects aimed at starting this Summer which I can’t wait to share with you!