Mackinac Island Homes

One morning on my stay at the island, I took a walk along the boardwalk with some coffee. My attention was focused on the water, as boats went by and the waves crashed on the shore. My attention then turned to the houses as I left the downtown district and entered more lakefront cottages. By the end of my walk, I added “Own a cottage on Mackinac Island” onto my list of lifetime dream list.

One of my favorites was this large orange cottage. Just from the exterior, it looked like a lot of work was put into this cottage. Some of my favorite features are the large windows in front, the “tower” in the corner of the home and the deck on the roof. The landscaping was also nice, which I would assume you would want to look nice knowing thousands of people bike ride past it a year.

I just loved this house for the color and the door frame. Along with the windows too! Classic. With the trees it also seemed like that whoever lived there had privacy as well.

Finally, the last that stuck out to me the most was this green cottage. The yard and design was simple, but again the color was a big thing, along with how the windows were so symmetric which I like in a house.

Anyways, the amount of classic American style homes you find on this tiny island is incredible. The fun colorful array of homes as you bike into town just gives this island another quality to reflect!

Enjoy your weeks readers!