Review: The Rough Guide To Blogging

December 6th, 2013


 A few months ago, I found myself rummaging through an old stack of books lying around the house, and I came across a book I acquired some years ago, like 6 years ago. I don’t even remember why I purchased the book in the first place considering that I was in middle school and I had not even been serious about the blogosphere at the time. I actually cannot find a justification at all for the purchase in my memory, but boy I am glad I have it now!

I pulled it out again recently, because I am finding myself developing some habits I had spent time over the Summer trying to get rid of such as consistency of posting, and other rules of thumb. I needed a little kick that inspired me, and kind of reminded me of some of the fundamentals of blogging!

This book is a great choice if you are new to blogging, or trying to achieve my incentives from above. There is a lot of explaining of the principles of blogging and what it’s purpose is. It also contains many resources to online hosts, blog examples, html design and even has a whole section on Podcasting! It really does cover it all!

I will admit, one thing about this book is that it was published in 2006, making some of it’s resources and ideas out of date, considering that world of blogging has definitely evolved since then. While the actual online resources may be “out of date,” a lot of the principles shared from the early 2000s actually are much more helpful to review from a time when blogging was way less competitive and more about the content being posted. If you are looking to write with more authenticity, I think this is a great resource!


I am enjoying finding old, and new resources as I grow to keep me motivated and keep me grounded when it comes to the fundamentals of blogging! I hope you have a fantastic weekend readers!


Review: Melted Phone Case

June 1st, 2013

So if you are looking for a review of a top of the line phone case, this is definitely not it because I have a confession to make. I may or may not have an obsession with buying cheap phone cases on Amazon, solely for aesthetic purposes.  Well I came across this beauty and had to buy it! The 3D Purple with Green Melt ice-Cream Skin Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4S 4 Protect Case

PROS: Multiple color choices for this case. Easy to put on. Stylish.

CONS: Volume buttons a little hard to press. Case slides off easily.

Like I said earlier, if you want a case for aesthetic purposes only, then I would definitely reccomend this case, but it does come with some bad, like the fact that the 2 component phone case can slide off easily and the volume buttons are a little difficult to press but it hasn’t really bugged me. It’s just a cool looking case and for two bucks? How can you resist! I want to get some other colors and maybe mix and match 😉


Enjoy your weekend readers!

Review: Ocean For Men

April 26th, 2013

While on my trip to Chicago, my family and I spent a day a little North of town in Gurnee, IL. A day spent in Gurnee, also meant a day of spent money at Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall. The mall is full of stores that have prices cut a lot of the time which makes for cheap shopping, even though by the end of the day you would have spent twice as much money then you would have on a local trip to the mall. 😉

Anyways, the Ocean, For Men body lotion and cologne from Bath & Body Works was a purchase on whim that I do not regret! There is a common misconception from men, that it is too “girly” to use lotion and cologne. So even if you are still in an age where you gender stereotype, trust me, it’s worth it, even if you have to hide it in the bottom drawer in your bathroom.

I have been recently trying to branch out from the large array of Axe sprays featured in my bathroom, and find more charming scents, and to me, this does it.

Question: What is something you have bought on a whim and ended up being glad you laid your eyes on it?

Have a great weekend!