2013: Freelancing Like It’s My Job

December 26th, 2013


Happy Holidays! The year of 2013 in Grand Rapids has brought a rewarding amount of local photo-shoot opportunities for me. Freelancing has probably been one of the best choices for me to pursue throughout high school. This being that I am not stuck working countless hours at a greasy fast-food joint for minimum wage. I am doing what I love!

I have found that a majority of the work I have been doing these past couple of months have been senior pictures for high school students. This has been quite enjoyable because I am working with peers that are my age so I do not feel the pressure of working under people of those older then I. It has been great experience getting acquainted with a field that includes much of freelance work and for which I cannot be happier.


Another great experience this past season was doing some family photos for a coworker of my mom’s! And when I mean family photos, I mean the WHOLE family including aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews… you get the picture. Not having much prior experience to was definitely a lot less over whelming once I dipped my toes in the water.

For such a large group of people, the day was very enjoyable because the family was silly and willing to have fun with the pictures, which made my job much easier!


I recommend for anyone that has any drive or motivation to do any sort of extra work for anyone to at least try freelancing. Whether you do it as a side gig, or as a full time job, the benefits can be quite rewarding as you make the rules and can approach your work as however you please!

This weekend I am off to La Crosse, Wisconsin for a day of wedding photos! I have looking forward to this project for a few months now, and it will be good to get away for a few days before the year comes to a close. I hope you enjoy your weekend readers and had a wonderful Christmas! xxoo


Hello From The Sky: Simple Pleasures

August 19th, 2013


+Happy Monday readers! I am still pulling my thoughts and memories together from this past trip. I am really finding out quickly how much I adore travel and being so far away from my normal habitat. While it is good to be back home after a long time away from home, traveling is a euphoria in which we are living a life outside of anything like our normal routine, and that’s what makes travel so exciting!

+I am going to be honest with you, I had anxiety out of my mind before flying last week. I hadn’t flown on a plane since I was nine years old in 2006 and I was already afraid of flying, yet I loved the idea of air travel. It was a weird concept to be afraid of something you find so extraordinary.

+My first flight from my trip began with a lot of nerves and a surely beating heart. The feeling of “life or death” that hits your mind as you race down the runway waiting to see lift off is unreal the first time. You then feel the sigh of relief as you get through the clouds and everything is smooth in the Troposphere. At that moment, I could think about where I was and just observe.

+I envy those who travel on the regular, I envy that there are people who get to be more in common with the views from an air craft and the world above. The perspective is so foreign to you where it creates a mix of anxiety and wonder.

+Looking back on it now, it is easy to be envious of that view because when you are up there cruising through aerospace, it is just so much more peaceful. If you can manage to drown out the sounds of the little piece of society that is flying up there with you, you can take in the wonder of air travel.


I hope you got something out of this little reflective piece I worked on this past weekend. I find myself trying to get the most spiritually when I go somewhere new, and I always seem to end up taking it all in after I am home and feeling nostalgic. I hope you enjoy your weeks readers, and I encourage you to be more observant of your surroundings when you are somewhere new. You might find something extraordinary in the simplest of places. xxoo

Flower Power: Adventures At Horrocks!

June 17th, 2013


This past weekend I went out with Tiffany and Julia to do some pictures at Horrocks, a local organic market and floralstore. We went out and took some pictures in the multiple aisles of flowers, even with a little sprinkling of rain here and there, it made for a pleasant day!

Tiffany’s Outfit:

  • Dress: Brandy Melville
  • Kimono: Buckle
  • Shoes: Doc Martens

We may have been looking like we were stocking up on flowers in the photos, but in reality we just looked like freaks posing for pictures with flowers. Julia should be in a Martha Stewart Mag!

Tiffany and I go to different schools so when we get the opportunity to hang out we definitely take advantage, and converse about fashion and the internet. ūüėČ

After much time spent in the store, and the skies cleared, we walked around a bit and to 7/11 where we got a few pics.

My Outfit:


It was nice to spend some time in a simple place and get so much enjoyment out of it. It inspires me to get out to more local stores to tour and play around in this Summer. It was also nice to do something relaxing with all the hustle and bustle of Annmarie’s wedding coming up, 5 MORE DAYS! It is crazy how different our lives will be after this weekend! I hope you are enjoying your Summers readers! xxoo

Hello From PA: The Pennsylvania Turnpike

June 13th, 2013

Hello all, this is the second post regarding this past weekend and my endeavor to Pennsylvania. Between the 4 days I was gone, 2 of them(technically 3) was mostly spent travelling. With ten hours there, and back was a lot of time, and you can only Instagram so much Starbucks! When driving along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I got some pretty sweet pics of the rain!


What is so different about roads out of state is that the have the toll-booths, but along with that comes better kept roads, which I would definitely trade to have rather then… Michigan roads.


I resorted to SLR photography after I realized I had an abundance of stereotypical Starbucks Instagrams, but it was the only thing that kept me up during the trip!


As we reached hillier regions of Pennsylvania, the dense fog kept my eyes very intrigued. I questioned if the people who ever lived in this region or type of elevation ever feel confined so close to the clouds.


I am glad that I pay so much attention to my surroundings, and the fact that I could stare out of a car window for hours. I was watching a Vogue documentary a few months back and Creative Director, Grace Coddington who said this

“I worked with Norman Parkinson who was a really big photographer, and he taught me to always keep your eyes open, you know. Never go to sleep in the car or anything like that, keep watching because whatever you see out the window or wherever, it can inspire you.”¬†

I leave you with that readers, and enjoy the rest of your week. I hope your Summers are beginning out pleasantly!

PACSUN: Spring 2013 LookBook

May 7th, 2013


If you read my post on the H&M magazine, you would know that I love going through free handouts from clothing stores etc. and getting inspiration. Since then, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for things like it, and then I came across the PacSun Spring 2013 LookBook!

While most of this LookBook was style inspiration for the Summer, I loved how the photos were taken, along with the simplistic design for text and what not.

This document, yet again made me even more envious for those who reside in California.


I have been building an archive of pieces like this so I can look back on these for inspiration. I can’t wait to see it grow. I am already pleased with what I have so far. Enjoy your day readers, and keep your eyes peeled for your own pieces of inspiration!

Feeling Fancy!

Let me start off by saying Merry Christmas Eve Eve, I am sure most of you are finishing the last of your dishes to serve at family gatherings, or cleaning left and right for the next 2 days, I know my family is! I am finally off on break for two weeks which has totally let my mind take a couple days and do some “Spring Cleaning” as well. Last night, I went to my friend’s for a Christmas dinner party, and we all thought it would be fun to get dressed up all fancy and pretend we were on Mad Men. Of course I wanted to document my attire considering how long it took me to get ready, and I have been wanting to use this blank purple wall in my sister’s old room to get some pictures and I finally did just that!

Now I’m sure you have seen most of these photos already, considering they dress my Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. My favorite part about this outfit is my¬†bow tie¬†that I picked up for homecoming in October.

Anyways, I have been trying to more OOTD photo sets because… well they’re just fun to do, and kind of motivate me to put better outfits together. Enjoy the holidays readers and Merry Christmas!

1957. Photography Magazines.

~The past weekend, I was at my grandma’s searching her storage closet, and reminiscing through multiple of products produced before I was even born. This included vintage suitcases, old Corona neon signs, 1960 school year books and so on. It came to my attention that my grandfather was actually into photography. I guess I got his genes.

Most of the content of the magazine was black and white…

But they still contained beautiful spreads of color!

If only camera equipment was still this cheap…

Have a great weekend!