Vegetarian Challenge: Asian Noodle Salad

October 22, 2013


One week in! This is a lot easier then I thought, even though it is only a week in and I haven’t even approached obstacles like American Thanksgiving or other family gatherings, but I am enjoying making healthier choices. The first highlighted recipe for me to share with you is an Asian Noodle Salad with Peanuts and Mint, a recipe I found on Martha Stewart‘s homepage.

The meal was fairly simple to prepare. It mostly involved cooking the noodles, whisking the sauce, and chopping vegetables. Further instructions can be found on Martha’s website.

I was a wee-bit skeptical to the use of lime juice, and soy sauce in the sauce mixture, which I actually found to bring the whole recipe together. There is just enough in there where you can barely taste it, but it gives the whole meal flavor, and who can argue with that?

One challenge I myself, have to overcome in this challenge is to become more open-minded in what ingredients are added into a meal. I was also skeptical of the mint leaves and scallions just from the blatant sense that I don’t eat them often, but all of these ingredients were necessary to give it the flavor it needed.


One week in, and I am pretty sure I can carry out for the next month. Even if I only do this for a month, it is broadening my horizons in terms to healthier foods I am willing to try, and eat. Now time to search for a new recipe for this week, and to chow down on some salad. Before I close, I’d like to thank Martha Stewart for this recipe, and Bubby&Bean for sharing this recipe, along with other vegetarian recipes on her site! I recommend checking it out! Have a good one! xxoo


The One Month Vegetarian Challenge!

October 14th, 2013


If you are like me and have tried multiple times to change an eating habit, you know that it is a lot of hard work with a lot of sad attempts. More of my personal friends know I have been working on weight loss since around the birth of this blog back in June of 2012. I am proud to say I have lost 80 pounds with a healthier body along with it! I have come a long way, but I know I can do better. Everyone who changes to a healthy lifestyle knows it gets hard after a while and you give yourself a break… once a week, then twice a week, and then before you know it you are on your fifth slice of Hawaiian pizza while sobbing to season 4 of Skins… Hypothetically of course… haha

This recent lack of motivation and inspiration has brought me to THE ONE MONTH VEGETARIAN CHALLENGE All ruled out by me and me myself only! This idea came to me very recently, and started as just a truce with my friend to try going vegetarian for a month. Then I thought to myself that I can use the power of cyberspace to share recipes I use and find to get me through this month, and maybe be a convert throughout this challenge.

Guidelines? Not really other then the basic guidelines for eating vegetarian. I will be adding rules and certain guidelines tailored to myself as I go, and I will be sharing one vegetarian recipe a week so keep a watch out! Once the month is over, I will reflect on the results and satisfactory, it’s all about trials right?


I hope to learn through this month is that there are tastier things out there that include more veggies. Those who read my Twitter know my obsession with Steak N Shake, so it will be a challenge I am willing to face head on in hopes of living healthier! I encourage you all to do the same. Have a good one folks!

Green Juice! Recommend!

April 19th, 2013


Happy Friday Readers! I come here today to bring you something new I decided to try based on my recent urge to kick up the healthy-status of what goes into my body and thus resulting in GREEN JUICE! Now I was inspired to try this recipe featured on Gala Darling, and I have to admit after purchasing what seemed like unusual ingredients for a drink, I was hesitant whether I would like it or not, but I was not disappointed!

One thing I did differently to prepare it then Gala’s method was to use a cheese cloth along with this method to juice everything due to the fact I do not possess a juicer. I do not know specifically if I got the same results nutrient-wise but I know it still tasted refreshing. A tip I have for serving this or when drinking, like Gala said is to swirl it around as you drink it so it doesn’t settle, it tastes much better consistently stirred.

Overall I recommend that you all go out and try this, I know I will be making it more to have with breakfast for a good kick-start to my day! With that I encourage you to do some surfing of your own and find a new recipe, drink or food to try with a meal! Enjoy your weekend!

Birthday Cake Pops

This week, I decided to make it a tradition to make a dessert for one of my good friends, Nicki’s birthday party. Last year I made her watermelon cupcakes (not flavor, shape) They looked quite amateur, but I think I made them somewhat cute, considering it was my first time playing with fondant.

(old camera, old recipe)

This year, with the help of a recipe from I made some cake pops in result of the Sweet 16 Celebration! I used chocolate devil’s food cake, with a vanilla candy coating for the cake pops.

I spread out the process over two days, due to other events, and I still think they turned out. Again I am not a professional by any means, I just like baking. I think I inherit this trait from my mother considering I grew up with a bunch of tasty treats lying around all the time.

(After dipping, and drizzling candy coating, this is the final product)

It is typical to display the cake pops in Styrofoam. I bought 2 platforms of Styrofoam, and placed them in 2 pales I found at Michaels real cheap. Nicki’s party colors were pastel pink and green, so that’s what I drizzled the pops with by just adding a small amount of pink and green food coloring to the extra candy coating.

Not perfect, but I do say, they sure darn tasted good. I also had poked multiple holes through the Styrofoam, so I used some curly ribbon from the store to just cover that up, and it added a nice touch. Lemme know if you have any other good dessert recipes I can try out in the future(: