Social Media Spring Cleaning


I have spent the last few months analyzing social media to find what is really the benefit of using it or how dangerous it can be. We all know that most of us thrive on social media and that it is almost a necessity of communication for my generation as a whole. The realm of social media has turned into a very efficient and prosperous place if you used correctly. If used inappropriately, it can be a much more toxic environment that can send your brain into pool of paranoia and distress. I have found myself under this intoxicating spell for the last few years, and I have been trying to discover a solution to better my use of the Internet.


If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you would know that I firmly believe in balance, as I am sure that much of you would agree to as well. I feel this especially comes into play when discussing the uses of social media. There is, however a much more defined line in the realm of the online world that makes what you share with the world appropriate or just blatant over sharing! You must find a balance of what you are willing to share that is serious, rad, interesting, or even a little combative.

If you find that you are much more confident and willing to say things you wouldn’t in person, you probably are not in the right means to post what you want. That can be very dangerous, and I know I have been in that boat many times, where what may seem right to post at the time, may come to be super inappropriate a night’s sleep later.


I have learned to only present a problem to the table if you are only going to present a solution as well. If you are like me and find yourself connected to dead-ends of the Internet that may draw that toxic stench of inappropriate sharing, it may not be a bad idea to analyze your accounts every couple months and clean out the “dust bunnies” if you will. For me that meant deleting an account that accumulated so much filth from years ago. Now that is in an extreme case, but I can definitely tell you if something you are communicating online feels uncomfortable, deleting or rearranging feels so liberating that you will be celebrating once you do it.

On a smaller scale, you may find yourself unfollowing some accounts that may come off offensive or luring in a negative way to your presence as a person. Since we are so interconnected with social media now, it is not all left at our desktops now, it is everywhere. I can promise you that rearranging your follow count helps. I did a majority of unfollowing of tabloids, and gossip Twitters for they serve a negative purpose.


You may not even find yourself having to do a check up on your social media involvement with other people every now and then. There is a benefit for doing so though, especially if you feel a negative presence every time you log onto your social networks. Remember too, there is nothing personal with unfollowing  an account that does not suit your taste. It is just like putting a book back on the bookshelf. All I encourage you to do is at least step back and check to see what you are getting out of social media. Have a great rest of the week readers! xxoo


I’m On Bloglovin’!

June 25th, 2013


What Bloglovin’ is, is an awesome reader for your favorite blogs that you follow, that you can keep all together on one reader. You can search a blog to follow by title or by catagory with a simple viewer. I have been using it the past few weeks and I love it! Much easier then burrowing through folders and folders of “favorite blogs” tabs on Google Chrome!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tumblr & Pinterest: The Internet’s Best & Worst Social Networks

April 10th, 2013


Over the last few months, I have been thinking a lot about two of the most surfed social networks in my web history, and I am sure that is also the same case for plenty of others. As a user of Tumblr since 2010, and only a Pinterest user for about a year now, I know how addicting and inspiring these two websites have been, and how I could spend days on it.

Spending days on it… You think I’m kidding, but I am definitely not, especially Tumblr. I have racked up over 19,000 posts on a previous Tumblr just from reblogging countless pictures (for non-Tumblr users, you will understand reblogging by reading the first sentence of this Wikipedia article.) While, I haven’t used Pinterest nearly as much Tumblr, I also have over 600 pins containing recipes, outfit photos, photo inspiration, etc. just from a year of use.

While my own Tumblr is primarily used now to sharing posts from my blog, and reblogging a few inspirational things, my Pinterest has none of my own content posted. Is there a problem with this? Not completely, I believe that sharing other’s content to inspire us, and finding little posts to make you smile is actually really cool, which is something amazing that the website offers. The only conflict I feel is that some of us can spend too much time on these sites getting inspired, but are not putting this inspiration into action.

I can probably count on one hand how many recipes out of the 100 on my Pinterest that I have actually tried to make myself. I could name many more examples of others who have almost triple the posts on mine and could say they haven’t tried much either. These two networks have consumed much time and has created much inspiration without many results.

So what’s the problem? Well I believe that some of us spend too much time living in a sort of fantasy and utopia of amazing things created by others, which we obviously would love to live ourselves, otherwise we wouldn’t have an interest in reblogging beach photos on Tumblr or pinning a pizza recipe, and Do-It-Yourself Chalk Board instructions on our Pinterests.

Taking a step back: I would like to see in myself, and others, actually taking a step back from our screens to go out and try that pizza ball recipe, paint a picture, take a walk in the rain, get some nice photos at the nearest park. Creating your own story by experiencing makes for so much more inspiration to get out more then seeing a simple photo on a screen. Especially for bloggers, Pinterest, Tumblr and many other sources like these on Tumblr for creative outlets on the internet, are some of the best inspiration to go out and try some of these things and report back with your own experiences or creations.


Before some of you think that I wrote this to trash these two websites, I love both of these sites in all sorts of ways, which is my problem to begin with. I just think as any type of indulgence can be over applied and overused which can be a dangerous habit to get into. I just believe that you can get so much more of a deeper benefit of these networks by going out and making the most out of the media you are exposed to every day.

I hope you enjoy this little Hump-Day-Treat, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! Happy Blogging…

P4A 2012: Discover the Awesome

More specifically speaking, if you are not apart of the Youtube community, P4A stands for Project for Awesome! This campaign was founded in 2007 by John and Hank Green, notable Youtubers or if you are not a Youtube junkie like me, you might recognize John Green, the author of many outstanding books such as The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, Papertowns, Etc.

The two have created an annual event that is built for Youtubers to decrease “World Suck” in the planet. How is this done? Youtubers simply on the same day create videos supporting, and describing their favorite Charities. This spreads awareness of several conflicts around the world and influences others to act out and fight against the ongoing challenges our planet faces every day.

You can help by watching these videos, get informed, and hopefully are encouraged to help any cause mediated by these Youtubers. Below I have listed a couple links to some videos to help you get started! I hope you enjoy your week readers and be awesome!

Project For Awesome: 

Karen Kavett interviews Charity: Water staff in this video!

Mitchell Davis of livelavalive shows his support of AAF Pets, an animal adoption agency.

Musician, and member of ALLCAPS, Luke Conard shares his experiences with Toys For Tots in this vid.