LookBook: Shop Stop Chicago


I finished 2013 off on a very spectacular high note. I spent the weekend in La Crosse, Wisconsin doing the wedding pictures between some close family members of mine, and with that I was on my way back to GR with of course, one obligatory stay in Chicago, my favorite town in the Midwest!

Amounting the lack of heat in the city that day, I stayed relatively warm. I do regret not packing ear muffs though, and I may have had to take refuge in a Starbucks from the shops opened! Regardless, my body stayed relatively warm because one thing they teach you to do from child birth in Michigan is layers.. layers.. layers!

My favorites of this outfit are also a shameless repeat of the season. I have been getting much use out of my combat boots along with my sable-tooth scarf from H&M! We only stayed in Chicago for not even a whole day so shopping was a must, so I made my way in the morning to the shopping mecca of Chicago being Michigan Avenue, it was a shop stop well spent!


It was relaxing to visit the city and not feel like I had to visit everything as fast as I could which made for a casual stop on the way back to the Mitten, a very cold one at that! How is the weather holding up in your neck of the woods? I am one snow day with one on the way for tomorrow! Stay safe out there! xxoo


LookBook- The Dock


Hello all! I am home from another fantastic week in Northern Michigan. I spent the past week up North, and the weekend before that in The Straits Of Mackinac of Michigan. You should expect a full recap of the Mackinac trip tomorrow on the blog.

+Anyways, our family took the ferry over Saturday afternoon to Mackinac Island, a large tourist destination for Michiganders, and even some from surrounding states. Once settled into the Bicycle Inn & Suites, our family partook in a classic Mackinac Island amenity, biking! Our family hasn’t done it the past couple years since it’s the same drive every year and we go every year and like to try new things every year, but this year we decided to refresh our brains of the sites the Island has to offer!

+About halfway around the island, I have always noticed this dock that usually had one small boat attached, but this time no boats. This was the reason I felt less of a trespasser if I walked on the dock for pictures. This is probably one of my favorite spots around the Island now! You get views of the coast, bridge, and crystal blue water!

+Now, for the outfit I wore just a simple tank top and khaki shorts. With biking, and the heat up at the Island that day, it was the perfect simple outfit for outdoor activity, and I never felt overheated!


+It has been a wonderful vacation. I can’t believe I have yet ANOTHER trip ahead of me to Pennsylvania next week! I have doing trips every other week since July, and I really can’t complain because I have enjoyed every one of them. I hope you are having a fantastic Summer yourselves readers, have a good one! xxoo

LookBook- Cape May

July 1st, 2013


This past weekend, Nicki and I hung out at the local playground around my neighborhood and just relaxed to the Summer air. It was overcast the whole day but we got lucky with the weather considering the potential threat of rain.

I have come to the realization that I have been wearing a lot(too much) denim lately.

Nicki’s Outfit:


I have had this Cape May tank top for a while now and it has been one of my favorite tanks to wear, by itself or just layered.

My Outfit:

  1. Denim Vest: Thrift
  2. Cape May Tank Top: Thrift
  3. Bracelet: Rue 21
  4. Rude Skinny Jeans: Hot Topic
  5. Shoes: Converse


Lately, I have been pretty into sleeveless things like tank tops, vests and so on, and I have been findings a lot a thrift stores to add to my Summer wardrobe. It’s nice to show a little more skin instead of being bundled up in Spring clothes. Well I hope you have a fantastic start to your week readers and make it a good one! xxoo

LookBook- Studded Salvation

June 3rd, 2013


I have been working on this button up sleeveless for a while now on and off and I think I finally have it in a place where I can wear it so I was eager to take some pictures and show you it!

Nicki accompanied me yesterday and we took some pics as well and pretended we were in Vogue. I pretend more often then she does though. 😉

The vest is just a sleeveless denim shirt I purchased from goodwill a few months ago and I just cut off the sleeves and studded the shirt with some studs from Amazon!


  1. Custom button-up from GoodWill
  2. Sunglasses from Amazon
  3. Rude Skinny Jeans from Hot Topic
  4. Red Converse

If there is one thing I can say I am excited to start this Summer, it will be buying more from thrift stores and customizing them to my own taste! One more week I keep telling myself. Anyways I hope you all have a fantastic week and I hope the weather is pleasant in your neck of the woods.

Have a good one!

LookBook- Telephone

April 29th, 2013



When my grandma was moving homes, there was a lot of sorting, and going through old things. Whilst rummaging through old Polaroids, notebooks etc, I came across this phone. This phone was already familiar to me. I remember my cousins, and I making fake phone calls from the upstairs bedroom due to whatever make-believe game we were playing that day. A little nostalgia behind it, and the fact it was super cool led me to ask my grandma for it, and of course she said go ahead! Makes a great decoration in my office, and maybe for a photo shoot or two 😉





I wore this outfit to a carnival, although I ended up replacing the cardigan with a Chicago White Sox hoodie, it was a bit chilly, but things are beginning to warm up for Michigan. Especially the fact we have had random spurts of snow, this tank-top weather has been perfect!

  1. Stud earrings- Forever 21
  2. Necklace- Some stand in the mall from a long time ago.
  3. Round Sunglasses- Amazon
  4. Cardigan- Chaps
  5. Tank Top- Rue 21

Hope the weather is just as pleasant in your neck of the woods, enjoy your week readers!

Grand Rapids, Or Should I Say, Atlantis?

April 22nd, 2013


It was an interesting view for me Sunday afternoon, as I could not walk along the paths that were paved along the Grand River. They were a few feet below water to the immense amounts of rain that occurred a couple days before.  Now I know that Atlantis is a bit of an exaggeration to the situation, but it is not an understatement to say that the water was something crazy!

I was not kidding. Thankfully it has not been severely dangerous to the people, and it has been kind of interesting seeing the town in a way it has never been before, if rarely. Many places and bridges along the Grand were closed due to the flooding, and worry of rising waters to overflow the bridges.

We spent some time along the river outside the Gerald R. Ford Museum to check out the overflow, and to get a grasp on the flooding, the lights in the upper-right hand corner of the photo above is where it should be normally. This is normally just an open grass area.


It was a little breezy that day, but I was pretty comfortable in my button-up flannel I bought freshman year that has been resurrected from my wardrobe, along with some shoes I don’t even remember when I bought them. I’m also some sunglasses and a beanie from H&M. This beanie has made many appearances on this blog, I just love to wear it with everything!


Although things were a little wet in GR the past few days, the sunshine and being in town is really making me anxious for Summer and warmer weather. Only a few more weeks of class until I’m free!(For the most part 😉 ) Enjoy your week readers!

California Dreamin’

February  2nd, 2013

Well today, my inspiration has been my longing for the West coast, and definitely not Michigan’s. This outfit, probably is not appropriate for the weather but these temperatures haven’t been calling my name outdoors much either. I like Michigan for the most part, even though my dramatic tweets probably make it seem otherwise. The Summers are so much more enjoyable than the Winters. I like Winter, but the weather that comes with it makes getting around quite difficult, especially when you don’t live in as dense of an area as other towns.

This Outfit:________________________

  1. Grey Beanie from H&M
  2. Denim Button-Up from H&M
  3. DIY Tie-Dye T Shirt
  4. Anchor Necklace from a small shop in Northern Michigan
  5. Khaki Pants from Rue 21

The problem most Michiganders, and I have is that half way through Winter, we get tired of wearing clothes to keep warm, so we push our boundaries as temperatures rise minimally. I seek any opportunity to wear tank-tops, sunglasses, shorts etc at this point of the Winter.

With that inspiration I leave you with some Mamas and the Papas. The song perfectly explains my mood and has resulted in being played on repeat this whole weekend. Have a wonderful weekend readers!