Fashion Files #1: Wear What Feels Wrong!

December 17th, 2013

Don't be like the rest of them darling.


I feel like my personal style has undergone a rebirth or revolution if you will in the last few months. What I mean by this is that I have been experimenting with my wardrobe choices and how I accessorize myself. These experiments require taking risks. I have always described fashion-ability as this:

Whether or not you agree with that quote, it is the outlook I have on personal style and fashion as a whole. If you want to be fashionable you have to be willing to change the game with your own choices that involve risk. You will constantly receive criticism for what you wear if it isn’t the norm, so you could stick to trends, but where the hell is the fun in that?

For example. I decided to try wearing black nail polish for the first time just for fun. I know that men wearing black nail polish is not much but associated with the stereotype of the 90’s goth-macabre image, but I have been really intrigued by wearing a lot of blacks lately, especially in contrast with the Winter, so I went ahead and did it. I definitely did get some weird stares in public, and condescending questions from friends “Are you wearing black nail polish?” as if they couldn’t answer their question from their own observation.

Regardless of the public reaction, I liked how it looked and I looked badass. I expressed how I wanted to look in compliance with my clothes and I actually got more positive then negative reactions. I received comments like “Only you, Clay could pull that off.” That kind of comment makes me feel good because it gives me some sort of sense of identity. The main point being, I liked how I looked and I was glad that I took the risk and disregarded what others would think to produce a look that felt assuring to what I was going for.


No matter how wrong that kooky-patterned button-up feels to wear, or how dashing that hot pink blazer looks on a store rack, do not be afraid to take the plunge and experiment. Getting over the hump of irrelevant opinions of others and wearing what you want makes you feel like a bad ass. Have a fantastic week readers! xxoo



Re: Getting Out of My Funk

September 28th, 2013

You Can't Stop the Waves, but You Can Learn to Surf by Christopher Vinca


Now being a few weeks into school, I definitely have noticed the dry aura of my blog and writing. I actually noticed this with a lot of aspects in my life. Eating, physical activity, etc. While I have been productive in my studies and extra curricular activities through high school I still was not completely satisfied. I did have an epiphany though through a post from none other then Gala Darling!

She wrote a post earlier this week with her own experiences of being in mental slum the last few days. I had been dealing with this for the last couple of weeks on and off but I could not really pin point what this actually was. To my surprise, as I continued reading I was diagnosed perfectly! I was even more relieved to know that it was normal to get in states alike this one! Gala then shared some quick and easy routinely things that got her back into her groove, most of which I tried and definitely helped. I also added some things myself that I have been doing this past week that may help you get out of your funk as well.

I cleaned my workspace.

This is one that definitely boosted my motivation to work. After papers on papers of college prep, school work, and various magazine subscription cards, my workspace was getting very cluttered and I wanted to spend less and less time in that setting. Once I took a very reasonable amount of time just to rearrange and organize, I wanted to get right to work as soon as possible. It’s much more motivating to be working in a setting that you enjoy.

I drank something new.

I know that chai tea is not a substance foreign to my palate, but I definitely have not had it in a long time, and boy I was missing out. It has been much more tempting to buy the Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Carmel Iced Mochas from Starbucks but this drink for one, is cheaper and two, has less calories, and I think that chai is just as sweet as many of the other drinks on the menu. Changing things up for either healthier alternatives or just for the hell of it, can just be a small jolt that may bump you back into positivity. This could also be achieved with foods as well.

I slept… less?

Another habit I tend to fall into during the school year is sleeping about an hour after I arrive home from school. It sounds heavenly that I have the time to sleep after school, but all it does is keep me up later then I should be and leaves less time for me to work on projects outside of school. Staying awake with a snack adjusts my sleeping schedule to something a little more humane where I am tired at the time I should be going to bed with a long day of productivity behind me.

I enjoyed my free time.

Tied with the amount of sleep I have accumulated of the last couple weeks, it was something that occupied a lot of my post school free time. This involved most of my day spent sleeping or just being lazy which drew me from outside work and other outside activities I wanted to complete in the afternoon. Getting off my lazy butt helped me actually do things I enjoy, and the fact I use my free time to it’s full potential increases productivity and a positive mood.


Me too, Gala I am glad to be out of my own funk and actually getting back into my own work. I feel much more productive and am enjoying the school year much more again! I hope these tips help, and thanks Gala for inspiring this post and helping me get out of my own sour mood as well! Have a good one readers! xxoo

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H&M Spring Magazine 2013

April 23rd, 2013


I received this issue of the H&M Magazine a few months ago from my sister, who was off on vacation and thought I’d be interested. I didn’t even know that H&M had a magazine, and I wish it had more recognition, I love it’s design!

I have been just obsessed with the design of the magazine alone, excluding the content of affordable clothes inside. It is a very minimal layout with the great clean text.

The spreads across the pages were also inspiration, not only to get into Spring/Summer style but taking great photos as well!



I am realizing more and more, that inspiration is everywhere, and almost every publication has it. Even if it is a design you wouldn’t particularly favor, then critique it to yourself. You then can use these resources to find your own style. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week readers! Happy blogging!

Tumblr & Pinterest: The Internet’s Best & Worst Social Networks

April 10th, 2013


Over the last few months, I have been thinking a lot about two of the most surfed social networks in my web history, and I am sure that is also the same case for plenty of others. As a user of Tumblr since 2010, and only a Pinterest user for about a year now, I know how addicting and inspiring these two websites have been, and how I could spend days on it.

Spending days on it… You think I’m kidding, but I am definitely not, especially Tumblr. I have racked up over 19,000 posts on a previous Tumblr just from reblogging countless pictures (for non-Tumblr users, you will understand reblogging by reading the first sentence of this Wikipedia article.) While, I haven’t used Pinterest nearly as much Tumblr, I also have over 600 pins containing recipes, outfit photos, photo inspiration, etc. just from a year of use.

While my own Tumblr is primarily used now to sharing posts from my blog, and reblogging a few inspirational things, my Pinterest has none of my own content posted. Is there a problem with this? Not completely, I believe that sharing other’s content to inspire us, and finding little posts to make you smile is actually really cool, which is something amazing that the website offers. The only conflict I feel is that some of us can spend too much time on these sites getting inspired, but are not putting this inspiration into action.

I can probably count on one hand how many recipes out of the 100 on my Pinterest that I have actually tried to make myself. I could name many more examples of others who have almost triple the posts on mine and could say they haven’t tried much either. These two networks have consumed much time and has created much inspiration without many results.

So what’s the problem? Well I believe that some of us spend too much time living in a sort of fantasy and utopia of amazing things created by others, which we obviously would love to live ourselves, otherwise we wouldn’t have an interest in reblogging beach photos on Tumblr or pinning a pizza recipe, and Do-It-Yourself Chalk Board instructions on our Pinterests.

Taking a step back: I would like to see in myself, and others, actually taking a step back from our screens to go out and try that pizza ball recipe, paint a picture, take a walk in the rain, get some nice photos at the nearest park. Creating your own story by experiencing makes for so much more inspiration to get out more then seeing a simple photo on a screen. Especially for bloggers, Pinterest, Tumblr and many other sources like these on Tumblr for creative outlets on the internet, are some of the best inspiration to go out and try some of these things and report back with your own experiences or creations.


Before some of you think that I wrote this to trash these two websites, I love both of these sites in all sorts of ways, which is my problem to begin with. I just think as any type of indulgence can be over applied and overused which can be a dangerous habit to get into. I just believe that you can get so much more of a deeper benefit of these networks by going out and making the most out of the media you are exposed to every day.

I hope you enjoy this little Hump-Day-Treat, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! Happy Blogging…