H&M Spring Magazine 2013

April 23rd, 2013


I received this issue of the H&M Magazine a few months ago from my sister, who was off on vacation and thought I’d be interested. I didn’t even know that H&M had a magazine, and I wish it had more recognition, I love it’s design!

I have been just obsessed with the design of the magazine alone, excluding the content of affordable clothes inside. It is a very minimal layout with the great clean text.

The spreads across the pages were also inspiration, not only to get into Spring/Summer style but taking great photos as well!



I am realizing more and more, that inspiration is everywhere, and almost every publication has it. Even if it is a design you wouldn’t particularly favor, then critique it to yourself. You then can use these resources to find your own style. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week readers! Happy blogging!


Look Book- Purple Sweaters In Chicago

April 7th, 2013

Chicago definitely left me with a plenty of clothes to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe combined. I envy the people who reside in Chicago that are only streets, if not, only a few miles away from stores we don’t have back in this region. Either way, while I do love picking up a new top from H&M, or a jacket from Forever 21, I think you can do a lot by balancing thrift store clothes as well, which is why I bring you this outfit.

I was pretty fortunate that the weather was not resistant to the outfit I was wearing. Out of the 2 days we were actually downtown, this day was a 50s day which was still pleasant walking around town with just the sweater.

Even later in the day once the temperature began to slowly fall and we walked to Millennium Park, I was still pretty comfortable in this outfit.

I just love this picture I got outside the Burberry store in Chicago, which looks awesome inside and out! This Outfit:

  1. Beanie from H&M
  2. Sweater from GoodWill
  3. Bracelet from Rue 21
  4. Rude skinny jeans from Hot Topic
  5. Classic Vans from Vans

I can definitely say, while I love a good big sweater, I am excited for the upcoming months as the temp is rising and I can actually wear lighter clothing. With that, have a good one readers!

The Slowly Growing Shoe Addiction. A Wishlist.

February 17, 2013

It had occurred to me over this past weekend that I have never searched for shoes for my past shopping trips. This doesn’t mean I barely have any shoes, but I always just thought having a neutral colored pair of Toms was fine for any outfit. I am slowly realizing, not so much that it’s not possible, but more the fact that I have a craving for more shoes. The fact that Toms may not be the most appropriate for walking through Michigan blizzard like conditions, and that red converse don’t go with much. Of course I still like these easy shoes to put with an outfit and will probably be in most of my outfits when Summer hits but I have a growing wish-list in my head for more shoes.

To start off this wishlist, I looked through multiples of clothes featured on H&M’s website. It’s frustrating when the nearest H&M from Grand Rapids is Chicago or Detroit. Either way, I take much time looking through if I know I am travelling soon so I know what to pick up on my next trip.

I have recently been spending lots of time looking through the collection of shoes featured on shoestruck.com and love their unique styles. I especially fell in love with the cloud patterned sneakers to the right.


While this is not a complete list, it expresses my latest shopping craving. It also inspires me to mix up my outfits whilst incorporating more of my shoes. Now if I actually could obtain the money to buy these shoes… damn saving. Anyways I hope you all have a fabulous week readers, I am off on break so I know I will! 😉

Oh Geeze… It’s been a while.

Well… I don’t know where to begin, nor do I know how to really formally write this so it might be a little messy, but it’s been over a month sense I’ve updated last, and really unless you follow my twitter or instagram, you aren’t very informed on whats been up!

Well anyways, to begin, Art Prize 2012 was, once again a success in Grand Rapids. Art Prize is a growing art competition where from local artists, to artists from Japan gather in this town to display their artwork from any medium for two weeks, and the winning contestant(decided by voters) receives $200,000 dollars! I managed to get downtown for 3 days of the festival, and every day I went the turnout was great across town.

I’ve also been working on 3 different theater productions this fall which has surely kept me busy.

I also spent a weekend in Cincinnati, in early November and had the best time. I had one more taste of warmth before the “Michigan Winter” really begins to kick in. To be honest, I only went for the H&M, IKEA, and Waffle House, which all of these are not local chains so it’s a treat to visit them and pick up a new outfit, table, or meal. 🙂

My new button-up and beanie from H&M.

This I think is my favorite news. I went to go get piercings with Nicki last Saturday! Now most normal people go shopping for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving… and well, we went shopping for piercings.

We’re goons…

Welp anyways, I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends and I think I will actually be able to post regularly now rather then throwing poorly formatted updates at you! Have a great week readers.