Cheers To The Senior Year: An Open Letter

September 16th, 2013


This is an open statement, letter, or reflection to make the most out of the school year to come. Already a few weeks in, and this school year has already been pleasant. My confidence has quadrupled since I was just a small freshman, and I am really starting to figure out what I want to do with my life. I know this year will already take me by storm, and it will be over before I know it, so I know I today have some things I want to make sure I remember to tell myself.

First being, this year will end, and once the year ends the relationships you have spent building these last four years will now all have a different dynamic which includes distance and different priorities, so do not take the the time you have with them this year for granted. Secondly, do not forget that the year still matters and do not let age hold you back from aiming towards success.

Finally, while it may be more fun and angsty to deny school spirit, get crazy and dress your school colors. Go to the football games, and get involved. You’ll be too busy to care about school spirit in college.

Things are about to change for you, and you need to not realize anything about that. Yes, a plan is definitely necessary, but enjoy the time you have in high school, and leave behind the things that will keep you from making amazing memories for the months to come.


Going through senior year is a definite sign that a new chapter in my life is about to be written, and I am trying to reflect and taking time to slow down and make sure I live in the moment, staying spiritually balanced. I hope you got something out of this whether you are entering your senior year as well, or things are changing in your lives as well. Have a good week readers.