Wishlist #1: Black & White Wear

December 16th, 2013

I find myself developing an addiction to black and white wear as you can tell by this wishlist. I probably should find more then Forever 21, and H&M to hand my wallet over to though, but their online store has the best selection!


1. Essential Striped TShirt , 2. H&M Patterned Blazer, 3. Zebra Print Tie 4. Black Leather Look TShirt 5. Headphone Sweatshirt 6. Houndstooth Bowtie


BLOGROLL 5.30.2013


  • Gala answers the questions about being a freelance blogger babe!
  • Best way to win an argument: Confident and Loud!
  • Free flat-file icons! Cool looking!
  • Want to get into purchasing fonts? Watch this video!
  • DIY: How to make an eyeball ring!
  • DIY: T-shirt stenciling!
  • Nubby shares tips learned in Entrepreneurship class.
  • What is an infographic? Find out in this Infographic!
  • The difference between RGB and CMYK in this Infographic!
  • Do logos need to look good? An interesting question.


PACSUN: Spring 2013 LookBook

May 7th, 2013


If you read my post on the H&M magazine, you would know that I love going through free handouts from clothing stores etc. and getting inspiration. Since then, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for things like it, and then I came across the PacSun Spring 2013 LookBook!

While most of this LookBook was style inspiration for the Summer, I loved how the photos were taken, along with the simplistic design for text and what not.

This document, yet again made me even more envious for those who reside in California.


I have been building an archive of pieces like this so I can look back on these for inspiration. I can’t wait to see it grow. I am already pleased with what I have so far. Enjoy your day readers, and keep your eyes peeled for your own pieces of inspiration!

April Windup! Monthly Favorites

May 5th, 2013


Wow I can’t believe that it’s already May! Sorry for the lateness of this post, but this month is about to get crazy, finishing up my Junior year which includes AP tests and, end of the year exams, it’s about to get pretty stressful, but I am also excited for the adventures to come soon. Welp, here are some of my favorites summing up the month of May. I have been experimenting with different formats of this column so let me know which one you thinks works best.

Tina Roth Eisenberg

I’ve only been reading SwissMiss for a short time but I am already quite impressed. The small things she has blogged about has kept me inspired. I am also in LOVE with her Swiss inspired design!

With weight loss, comes resurrected wardrobe, and I have been obsessed with this hat I purchased from H&M and I loved how it went with this vans shirt, I got in middle school. One of the few things I will still wear from middle school.

I have been getting a kick out of Frank Sinatra music, and dreaming about black and white New York.

*NEW* fav moments of the month

+ Spring Break in Chicago
+ Many visits to Bloop for frozen Yogurt.
+ Reunited with Nicki finally!
+ Exploring another carnival with Tiffany
+ Excessive use of CatWang in class.
Sweetwater’s Donut Mill for the first time!
+ Trying Green Juice for the first time!
+ Collecting pop cans for a mission trip.
+ Cup of coffee and toast to start my mornings
+ Did I mention Chicago?

My instagram accounts for most of these experiences


Well this brings a close to April. I can’t wait to see what this month will bring me, and it is still unfathomable to me that it is already the 5th month of the year. OH Did I mention! Today HeyImClay is 1 YEAR OLD! I have had such a pleasure blogging, and can’t wait to write more. I will have a post later this week detailing the past year of blogging.  Enjoy your week readers…

H&M Spring Magazine 2013

April 23rd, 2013


I received this issue of the H&M Magazine a few months ago from my sister, who was off on vacation and thought I’d be interested. I didn’t even know that H&M had a magazine, and I wish it had more recognition, I love it’s design!

I have been just obsessed with the design of the magazine alone, excluding the content of affordable clothes inside. It is a very minimal layout with the great clean text.

The spreads across the pages were also inspiration, not only to get into Spring/Summer style but taking great photos as well!



I am realizing more and more, that inspiration is everywhere, and almost every publication has it. Even if it is a design you wouldn’t particularly favor, then critique it to yourself. You then can use these resources to find your own style. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week readers! Happy blogging!