Best Of Grand Rapids: Downtown Market

October 20, 2013


Grand Rapids has grown tremendously over the last ten years. Our skyline has evolved, and the culture within downtown Grand Rapids has also evolved. Upon years of obtaining new sights and things to do in the city, the Downtown Market has caught my attention.

Basically the Downtown Market is a venue downtown full of local food and good vendors in a friendly environment. It has a very communal layout of small shops and vendors, that makes for easy shopping!

The second level of the market has a lot of green space and open space for future vendors. It is still very new so there is still plenty of space to be filled so I cannot wait to see for it to flourish!

The vendors throughout the market are very friendly who are specialty to the background of what they sell. Mostly the goods sold here are organic which is again, another plus.  Most of the food related venues offer samples, and who doesn’t like samples!


I recommend anyone living downtown, or in the Grand Rapids area to at least check out the Downtown Market, especially if you are into buying local organically produced products! I enjoy finding places that make Grand Rapids a little more unique and the market definitely adds to it. Have a good one!


Best Of Grand Rapids: Calder Plaza!

July 3rd, 2013


One of my newly favorite places in downtown GR is the Calder Plaza! I have always heard about it and known about it, but really have never walked to it before, and my last two visits downtown solidified it as a favorite if you are visiting Grand Rapids for a park downtown.

Now the GIANT TIRE SWING is not the main attraction to the Calder Plaza, due to the name being after the artist of the giant sculpture also in the plaza, but the tire swing is just too fun! It makes this tire swing look bleak in comparison.


Here is the actual reason that the plaza got it’s named, and here is the La Grande Vitesse, built by Alexander Calder. He is well known for multiple steel sculptures in Grand Rapids, but this is his most famously known in the area and is kind of an icon for Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids DOES have art besides Art Prize!


It was fun hanging out downtown for the evening, and I love constantly finding new venues, and places to hang out downtown that makes my town just that little bit cooler. I hope you have a wonderful holiday for my American readers! Enjoy! xxoo

Hello From New York!

June 11th, 2013

Hello all! It has been a very busy weekend summing up these last few days. My mother and I traveled along with Annmarie to her soon-to-be home with Brad in Pennsylvania to help her move in the last of decor and this-n-that. Jan(mom) and I also visited a college I am looking at, along with a last minute trip to the big apple! I have always wanted to go to NY so we took the train in from Newark and spent the day meeting the city for the first time!


We only spent a few hours in the city, but we did manage to do the stereotypical walking tour of Times Square and Central Park. I took photos left and right, I definitely was the stereotypical tourist, but hey I didn’t care it’s NEW YORK! Speaking of tourism, Jan quickly found out how everyone wants to make a quick buck on 7th Ave. The last picture above costed her five bucks out of her pocket!

We also spent some time in Central Park. What is so cool about parks in such big cities like this, is that all of the hustle-and-bustle of the city comes to an abrupt stop at Central Park, and people just chill.



Overall, I am so thankful that we out-of-nowhere decided to visit this city. The only other big city I have been to, which is small in comparison now is Chicago, and I can definitely say my heart has fallen for New York, and this will not be my last visit, in fact, I’m visiting again in August! Enjoy your week readers.

Look Book- Purple Sweaters In Chicago

April 7th, 2013

Chicago definitely left me with a plenty of clothes to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe combined. I envy the people who reside in Chicago that are only streets, if not, only a few miles away from stores we don’t have back in this region. Either way, while I do love picking up a new top from H&M, or a jacket from Forever 21, I think you can do a lot by balancing thrift store clothes as well, which is why I bring you this outfit.

I was pretty fortunate that the weather was not resistant to the outfit I was wearing. Out of the 2 days we were actually downtown, this day was a 50s day which was still pleasant walking around town with just the sweater.

Even later in the day once the temperature began to slowly fall and we walked to Millennium Park, I was still pretty comfortable in this outfit.

I just love this picture I got outside the Burberry store in Chicago, which looks awesome inside and out! This Outfit:

  1. Beanie from H&M
  2. Sweater from GoodWill
  3. Bracelet from Rue 21
  4. Rude skinny jeans from Hot Topic
  5. Classic Vans from Vans

I can definitely say, while I love a good big sweater, I am excited for the upcoming months as the temp is rising and I can actually wear lighter clothing. With that, have a good one readers!

Chicago Spring 2013 RECAP!

April 5th, 2013

Wow, what a great week it has been for me! This past week I spent a couple of days in Chi-Town with the family and I, and I had a blast shopping for Summer, and spending some time in this wonderful city. I am currently on Spring Break, and since we weren’t planning on anything too special considering we have a wedding to fund in the upcoming months, we still decided to splurge on the windy city and we definitely don’t regret it.

From just cruising down the highway towards the city and the sight of the skyline just made me more eager to step out of Suburbia life and jump right into city life. We got a nice view of the streets as we made our way downtown, and I haven’t been in Chicago since the few years past but I became familiar again quite quickly.

Our first stop was at Whole Foods, an organic food store, I know many West-Michiganders are envious of it’s existence elsewhere. Previously to this visit, I had never been to one and boy I was missing out. Amused by all of the food you could by, my mission was to find Guayaki Yerba Mate, a drink I have known about and have always been curious to taste. Overall this store was just pleasant.

After a little bit of shopping for treats, we checked in at the Fairfield Inn & Sweets, which I instantly loved when walking into a contemporary decorated lobby, which followed to the rooms. While our beds were a little small, it was definitely worth it considering how close we were to the Magnificent Mile.

After settling in, we made our way up Michigan Ave, window shopping and making reminders to go back and shop at the specific stores we saw. We were not in the mood to stop due to our hunger, which after the 3 hour drive was needed. We stopped at Ginos East for a slice of true Chicago Style pizza. While the food was amazing, the fact you could write on practically anything, made this restaurant even more fun!

One of my favorite stops on our short trip to the city was at Millennium Park, where we got to experience the “Cloud Gate” or many just know it as “The Bean.” This giant curved mirror basically is going to automatically propel you to take multiple pictures of yourself from every angle of the bean. I literally spent probably five minutes just staring at the curved skyline reflected off the bean. Definitely recommend you stop by even just to snap one shot on your way down there.

Overall, I had an amazing time in this city, and I am really going to try to get down there more often considering it really isn’t that long of a drive from GR. I could go on longer for how amazing these short couple days were in the city, but I decided to categorize posts “Chicago-Related” under “Best Of Chicago” so if you want to read those related posts you can find them at the right column (:

Anyways, I hope you all have enjoyed your spring break if you have had one, and I hope you all enjoy your weekends. Let me know if there is any city you have a crush on, or some place you can go repeatedly and never get sick of. 🙂

DownTown Dress

This week we decided to head downtown in fancy wear and take pictures. We always have a lot of fun, finding new adventures, and venues in downtown Grand Rapids, that we can loiter in. We also take time to take pictures on top of the downtown parking garages that overlook the city. Fun, right?

We spent a lot of time by the river that afternoon.

Jen is my favorite Diva. She loves dressing up for these things! 🙂

I think spending time with your friends in one of your favorite places is a great way to bring the Summer to a close. There are many events that keep bringing me and my friends together, and fall is coming up so most Grand Rapids natives know that ART PRIZE is right around the corner! I can’t wait to bring you pictures from this years festival! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weeks readers!(: