2013: Year In Review

December 31st, 2013


Hello all! Yes I am sitting in front of my computer screen on the afternoon of New Year’s Eve as I rummage through my photos from my “2013” file and I am really reminiscing on all of the marvelous things that this year has brought me. Of course, it has not been perfect, but things are really looking up for me. I am finding a confidence building in my work and being as a whole which is bringing a pleasant close to this year. Here in this post you will be able to find my favorites endeavors within this year along with some extra photos I never shared with you! A little behind the scenes, if you will… Here we go!


I made sure this year that I would try to see more of Michigan, and viewing Lake Michigan during the Winter was no exception! While much colder then it was inland, the views were spectacular along the mitten’s coast!


I have always found an attraction to the city even from an early age. Chicago has held a special place in my heart which is why I adore this photo overlooking the Chicago river.


Early April definitely brought the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” to a whole new level when a flood hit the Grand River in Grand Rapids flooding much of the banks along the river. Nothing dangerous to the city other then property damage, but the event brought plenty of Grand Rapids’ citizens downtown to view the impact of the flooding.


As a birthday present, my close friend Becca took me out to a local cabaret dinner to listen to some high schoolers perform their own chosen pieces which made my birthday pretty kick ass!


The first weekend of the Summer break for American students brought for me a long weekend at my sister’s home in rural Southeastern Pennsylvania! The drive was long but once we were winding in the Pennsylvania mountains, the views were definitely worth it!


June of 2013 also brought my little meet and greet with the fabulous city of NEW YORK! I fell in love from my first step off the train onto the Manhattan pavement. I couldn’t wait to return.


On June 21st, 2013, Annmarie and the love of her life Bradley were joined in marriage in Grand Rapids! The day was so wonderful and the family could not have asked for a better day!


Working a week on the Mississippi at Quad Cities was spiritually cleansing and rewarding to do some charity work.


The annual family vacation to Mackinac Island did not cease to impress my standards of Michigan.


I spent many Tuesday evenings with the gang downtown to find new places to chill and enjoy GROSS(Grand Rapids Original Swing Society)


In mid August, I got the chance to reaffirm my love for New York during a week’s visit to my sisters abode in Pennsylvania!



Fall is a great time for any sort of festival with friends!


Late fall brought the busy, yet amazing few months of working as a lead for The Princess Bride: On Stage!


From a Wander-Lust junkie I felt very blessed that I got to travel to my two favorite cities twice this year! It was a great cap to the year of 2013.


I know that I couldn’t include every single event that I took part in the year of 2013, but I know for sure that I was grateful to have so many to choose from and these were some favorites! I am ready to relax this evening with some sparkling cider and contemplate about what I want the year of 2014 to bring for me. I hope you have a great, and safe New Years and that 2014 brings you more than you could ever dream of❤


July Windup: Monthly Favorites!

July 31st, 2013

It’s already August! I find myself saying this to every month, and I don’t know how I feel considering that this year is moving at such a rapid pace, and knowing that my life is going to be changing so much over the course of the next few years, for example I will know where I am living in the next few months and where I will be attending school after graduation! It is all so mind bending!


A New Yorker, writer, and style expert, is the reason why I have been getting a lot out of the writing of Nicolette Mason! She blogs about her passion revolving around fashion, and is also a regular columnist for monthly woman’s magazine, Marie Claire! For someone who “graduated with honors from Parsons the New School for Design in 2004, with a BBA in Design and Management” and lives in New York, I find very inspiring!


I may or may not have been shamelessly been obsessing over this TWENTY DOLLAR cat shirt I purchased on Mackinac Island. I am a fan of weird looking prints on shirts or clothes in general, and when I saw this in a random store I never knew about, I had to have it! I should have bought the pug dog version of this shirt, and don’t be surprised if you see this shirt in  future outfit posts…


For how dorky of a movie Wayne’s World was, I love the cover of Ballroom Blitz done by Tia Carrera, and I can say with no regrets that I like it better then Sweet’s original version! Hehehe


This past month has been filled with a lot of travel, and a lot Summer like activities, that have created so many good memories! I know this next month will bring just as many good memories, since I will be visiting my sister and brother in-law next week and along with that I will be venturing yet again to NEW YORK! So excited! I hope you are enjoying your Summer as much as I am! Have a good one! xxoo