November Windup: Monthly Favorites

December 1st, 2013


This month has seen endless exam preparation, fall play rehearsals, and freelance photography! All of these things I cannot complain about in the least! I did well on my exams, the fall play was a grand success, and my clients have been pleased with my work! The month has quickly brought temperatures in Michigan to an all time low, and the snow is coming in, which is bringing the holiday spirit to this home!



Kat, I have been waiting to feature you for my monthly favorites, even though you have been a favorite for a while! Kat Williams of RockNRollBride shares the alternative weddings of many love birds along with her own writings of life as a blogger and the business behind it. She also is a headmistress of the Blogcademy, a workshop to help bloggers reach their full potential! I am getting a kick out of looking through all of the wedding photos for inspiration!


Do you have that one accessory you recently purchase and cannot wear it enough? That is this hounds-tooth scarf from H&M! I find myself this winter wearing more black and white, and I cannot complain! It has kept me warm through my walks from the parking lot into school, and during photo-shoots with clients.


Although I have NOT seen Frozen, this song done by Idina Menzel was absolutely amazing! I felt nostalgia to her performance in Wicked, and she has such an amazing voice! I cannot get enough of it, and am quite tempted to go see the movie!


This past month was a busy one bringing my senior year closer and closer to an end. Finishing one show, and bringing another show to a beginning is a lot of work but a lot of excitement as well! December is going to bring a close to a great year!


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