On Giving Thanks

November 28th, 2013


Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that’s importance comes along with the contemplation of the importance of the holiday itself. As I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade I am reflecting on what I am actual thankful for in my life. When I open up a new tab for my blog I shudder at the most recent post date is November 4th. I have not even been able to get myself to formulate a cliche post with excuses about why I haven’t posted.

That is when I stopped. Excuses? I should not have to feel sorry for the other accomplishments I have been focusing on my lifetime for my senior year. I gave way to turning my excuses into positive means of things to be blessed with.

Here are some things I have be thankful for on this day:

  • Performing for a lead role in my last high school, fall play.
  • Receiving A’s on all of my school work this past trimester.
  • Maintaining photo jobs throughout the season.
  • Performing in choir for a choral festival across the state.
  • Developing a portfolio for school.
  • Getting accepted to all of the universities I have applied to for school.
  • Still keeping a strong relationship with my recently-moved sister.
  • Being able to stay close with friends.
  • Enjoying my senior year!


So while these are only some monumental things I highlight to be thankful for today, I have come to love Thanksgiving every year when I take a step back  forgetting all of the great food, following sales of the day, and remember the true importance of the holiday and reflections that come from it. I hope you all have a great holiday and I am glad to be back in my writing game. Don’t eat too much turkey now. Happy Thanksgiving!  xxoo


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