October Windup: Monthly Favorites

November 4th, 2013


November 1st for most is an instant transition from spooky season into Christmas season leaving Thanksgiving for Americans overshadowed. October has been a busy month of juggling school, extracurriculars and design life all in one big jumble. The tenth month of the year has definitely came and gone in a flash.


One day, I was curious to see if their were any other avid bloggers from Grand Rapids that shared the same passions that I have. This quick Google search led me across Tieka of Selective Potential! She is a self proclaimed designer by day and blogger by night. Her blog features along with her design, many posts of her style and ventures around Michigan, especially emphasizing her admiration of Michigan lighthouses.


Back to brown has been the theme of this month and next month. Not exactly an aesthetic choice, rather then the hair color of the role for the show I am currently in. Either way, I am digging the chocolately brown even though I will definitely be going back to blonde at the end of this current month!


Every time I go to Starbucks, I manage to pick up their Pick Of The Week, and this was the one a few weeks back. I love the upbeat tempo. I am tempted to take a road trip based on this one song. It’s crazy how one song can be so moving.


As said previously, senior year is taking me by storm. It is hard to realize how much I am juggling to keep up with everything. I have a show coming up this month along with more photo jobs. I am ready for the holiday season! I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween! Have a good November! xxoo


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