Best Of Grand Rapids: Downtown Market

October 20, 2013


Grand Rapids has grown tremendously over the last ten years. Our skyline has evolved, and the culture within downtown Grand Rapids has also evolved. Upon years of obtaining new sights and things to do in the city, the Downtown Market has caught my attention.

Basically the Downtown Market is a venue downtown full of local food and good vendors in a friendly environment. It has a very communal layout of small shops and vendors, that makes for easy shopping!

The second level of the market has a lot of green space and open space for future vendors. It is still very new so there is still plenty of space to be filled so I cannot wait to see for it to flourish!

The vendors throughout the market are very friendly who are specialty to the background of what they sell. Mostly the goods sold here are organic which is again, another plus.  Most of the food related venues offer samples, and who doesn’t like samples!


I recommend anyone living downtown, or in the Grand Rapids area to at least check out the Downtown Market, especially if you are into buying local organically produced products! I enjoy finding places that make Grand Rapids a little more unique and the market definitely adds to it. Have a good one!


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