September Windup: Monthly Favorites!

October 5th, 2013


Fall is here, Michigan is on the brink of cooling down to fall weather, and Halloween season is about to begin! September was a wonderful month of new routines and fun!



I’ve already payed enough homage to Gala Darling, but since she has kind of led my mantra this past month, and keeping me from going insane from the wisdom translated in her posts, who better then to take the place of my favorite person this month! If any of you are looking for an uplifting message wrapped in a glamorous package, visit!


Very James Bond-esque if I don’t say so myself! I did a shoot with the help of Julia a few weeks ago for my own senior photos. I figured, I have a camera and the editing skills so why am I going to waste $300+ on a few pictures, so DIY was the direction I went and I am pretty pleased with the turnout. I am in love with this blazer I purchased from Forever 21!


Lorde – Royals! I have seen her show up in my Youtube suggestions for a while and heard talk from friends and the internet about her, yet took me until about a week ago to actually listen to a song by her, and I’m in love! The lyrics to this song are so much sincere then other songs that are circulating the media right now, and definitely adds points in my book as well.


I used to hate fall when I was younger, but as I grow I am finding myself to love this season more and more. The activities fit for this season put me in such a great mood, or maybe it’s that sweater season is coming up… Either way, I’m thrilled! Have a splendid weekend readers! xxoo


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