August Windup: Monthly Favorites!

August 31st, 2013


Hello all, and welcome to an OVERDUE Monthly Favorites for the month of August 2013! Senior year and school has definitely shaken my aura, and I am quickly getting back on track and adjusting my routine to my utmost productivity, and happiness.


This month’s favorite person goes whole-heatedly out to my sister Annmarie! I give her such great thanks for letting Erin, and I stay with her and Brad(my brother in-law) in Pennsylvania the whole week we were there. They were both very hospitable and gave us a great taste of life in Pennsylvania and made a very enjoyable Vacation!


I may, or may not have went a little heavy on “Back To School” shopping this year while on Summer break. I always make it a mission to go to an H&M when going out of town or state because we don’t have one in GR… YET! Either way, I am also really loving sporting the blonde hair, even though I put my scalp through the wringer… haha


I discovered this song through Starbucks’ “Pick Of The WeeK” cards, and I usually pick one up when I stop by, and I really liked this one! I reccomend stopping by there every now and then if you are interested in trying new music, and getting a free download!


September is a very abrupt awakening that this year is going to be filled with a lot of challenges, adventure, and memories to be made down the line. I am anxious for this year to unfold and see where I stand a year from now. Have a good one readers!


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