July Windup: Monthly Favorites!

July 31st, 2013

It’s already August! I find myself saying this to every month, and I don’t know how I feel considering that this year is moving at such a rapid pace, and knowing that my life is going to be changing so much over the course of the next few years, for example I will know where I am living in the next few months and where I will be attending school after graduation! It is all so mind bending!


A New Yorker, writer, and style expert, is the reason why I have been getting a lot out of the writing of Nicolette Mason! She blogs about her passion revolving around fashion, and is also a regular columnist for monthly woman’s magazine, Marie Claire! For someone who “graduated with honors from Parsons the New School for Design in 2004, with a BBA in Design and Management” and lives in New York, I find very inspiring!


I may or may not have been shamelessly been obsessing over this TWENTY DOLLAR cat shirt I purchased on Mackinac Island. I am a fan of weird looking prints on shirts or clothes in general, and when I saw this in a random store I never knew about, I had to have it! I should have bought the pug dog version of this shirt, and don’t be surprised if you see this shirt in  future outfit posts…


For how dorky of a movie Wayne’s World was, I love the cover of Ballroom Blitz done by Tia Carrera, and I can say with no regrets that I like it better then Sweet’s original version! Hehehe


This past month has been filled with a lot of travel, and a lot Summer like activities, that have created so many good memories! I know this next month will bring just as many good memories, since I will be visiting my sister and brother in-law next week and along with that I will be venturing yet again to NEW YORK! So excited! I hope you are enjoying your Summer as much as I am! Have a good one! xxoo



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