Mackinac 2013 In Review

July 30th, 2013


Happy Tuesday all! I am just finished of my unpacking and reorganizing before I have to start packing again for Pennsylvania next week. I am pleased to share this recap of yet another week up at the Straits Of Mackinac!

One of the best things about going to Mackinac Island, is taking the Ferry! There are three different ferry services you can choose to take to the Island, and they all have a traditional “rivalry” with each other. Due to the hotel package we purchased, it also came with free tickets on Sheplers which boasts getting you to the Island in an easy fifteen minutes!

The ferry ride also was an opportunity for many gorgeous pictures of the bridge. I never tire viewing it!

The bike ride around the Island was simply delightful! It was not too hot, nor too cold, and the skies were clear enough to make for pretty views. I hadn’t gone around the Island on a bike in a few years so there were some new changes to the scenery that kept my eyes interested. The views on the great lakes of Michigan don’t get enough credit!

The hotel we stayed at, the Bicycle Inn & Suites had awesome views of the main stretch on the island. I needed a sweatshirt for the evening but the sunset on the island is spectacular, and nightlife on the island is so peaceful. Not all the crowds of tourists.

I sat up on the deck for the ride back to the mainland the next day after shopping and more sight seeing. I got some more fantastic shots of the bridge and the boats as they crossed back and forth to the island. It was indeed one of my favorite stays on Mackinac Island!


And lastly readers, my never ending favorite thing about the Straits, is crossing the bridge back n forth, even if the traffic cones and grates may scare people, I love it! I had a fantastic time and I love documenting my travels through the great state of Michigan. I hope you enjoy your weeks readers! xxoo


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