YOOPER BOUND!!! Hello Mackinac

July 19th, 2013


+It’s that time of year again! Every year, Jan’s side of the family and I make the journey on I-75 northbound to the Straits of Mackinac! I have been going since elementary school, and since I know I am getting older, my regulated annual trips to the UP are getting limited so I know I will bask in every moment. I can’t wait to listen to Rascall Flats as we cross the Mackinac Bridge, bike on the island, and take in breaths of good ole’ Yooper air!

+If you are wondering what I mean by the term “Yooper”, it’s the name giver to those who live in the U.P. or Upper Peninsula. People of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan are known as “trolls” because we live “under the bridge.” So there is some little Michigan culture if you were wondering!

+I hope you all enjoy your weekends readers! I know I will be enjoying mine, visiting a location that is very “Michigan” to me and has a special place in my heart, and I can’t wait to share with you how the trip went! Have a good one! xxoo


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