Proud To Be American

July 6th, 2013


First of all, I hope you all had a fantastic Fourth of July! I spent it at a cottage of Nicki’s family in Southern Michigan then I went downtown for the fireworks back in GR. The fireworks were amazing from Lyon street! You could see the fireworks perfectly! That was not the only thing that caught my attention though that evening. If you notice on the photo above, the man on the right with his hands up. Our friends kind of giggled at how enthusiastic he was to the fireworks, but I realized that this was such a cool sight!

The man was on his bike the whole show with his head held high in amazement. He noticed me taking pictures half-way through and said “I hope you are getting this on camera, it is AMAZING!” His positivity just kind of radiated off of him. Whether this was due to his pride in his country, or the guy just liking fireworks, it was just such a cool, and positive thing to see that evening and I thought I’d share! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy this hot week of Summer!


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