Best Of Grand Rapids: Calder Plaza!

July 3rd, 2013


One of my newly favorite places in downtown GR is the Calder Plaza! I have always heard about it and known about it, but really have never walked to it before, and my last two visits downtown solidified it as a favorite if you are visiting Grand Rapids for a park downtown.

Now the GIANT TIRE SWING is not the main attraction to the Calder Plaza, due to the name being after the artist of the giant sculpture also in the plaza, but the tire swing is just too fun! It makes this tire swing look bleak in comparison.


Here is the actual reason that the plaza got it’s named, and here is the La Grande Vitesse, built by Alexander Calder. He is well known for multiple steel sculptures in Grand Rapids, but this is his most famously known in the area and is kind of an icon for Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids DOES have art besides Art Prize!


It was fun hanging out downtown for the evening, and I love constantly finding new venues, and places to hang out downtown that makes my town just that little bit cooler. I hope you have a wonderful holiday for my American readers! Enjoy! xxoo


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