June Windup! Monthly Favorites

June 30th, 2013


Now June is being brought to a close, which also means that the first month of Summer is also being brought to a close. I always write about how crazy things are going so fast this year, and the reason it has been impacting me so much, is because my life is going to be changing so much over the course of the next two years preparing for college. Before we know it, we will be in 2014 and I will know what college im going to and where I will be living a year from now.

I have been getting a lot out of photographer, Chloe Rice’s blog recently. Chloe lives in the San Francisco area and she is very artistic aside from her main medium of photography. Her blog uses typography to accompany her photos in awesome ways and I read her posts for feel-good inspiration for art etc.

I have been in a dressy mood lately for Summer, and I recently got this outfit for the wedding rehearsal. The shirt is from Khols and the shorts are from Target.

I came across Stealing Sheep in the background of a Rookie Mag video a few weeks ago and I fell in love with the group! They have such a unique style and the music video to this song was just really interesting to me.

Favorite Moments From This Month

+ Finishing my junior year of High school!
+ Visiting one of my dream colleges.
+ Braving the New Jersey Turnpike
+ Witnessing Annmarie marry the man of her dreams!
+ Intense games of LIFE with the besties
+ Visiting New York for the first time!
+ Seeing my sister’s new stomping grounds in Pennsylvania!
+ Riding on NJ Transit for the first time.
+ Hole In The Wall restaurants in New Jersey


Well we are already about one third away through the Summer, and that concept is crazy to me! The wedding and travel has been taking me by storm this past month, and there is much more for me to see and do this Summer. I can’t wait to see what it brings me!



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