Wedding Bells! A Wedding In Review

June 24th, 2013


Hello all, it is a Monday afternoon and we have just finished dropping off the last of the returnables from the wedding. Annmarie and Brad are off on their honeymoon, and after that back to Pennsylvania. As for me, I am now an only child with a sore body from this crazy weekend. Let’s start this recap!

Annmarie, along with her 5 bridesmaids were up and ready to go early this past Saturday morning. Hair and makeup was done by 10 and they made their way to the church to get fully dressed. Her dress made her look like a princess, and her bridesmaids were there to help make it look it’s best.

Only a few close family members got to see her before the actual ceremony. Annmarie kept cool, calm and collected for the most part leading up to the wedding. After these pics, I didn’t take much considering I was a groomsman in the wedding, but the wedding was simply marvelous. The man shed tears as she made her way up the aisle, and it was inevitable to see that they were a match made in heaven.


My getup for the day. I felt very fancy as a groomsman.

After the wedding we got photos with the family, this one in particular is my mother’s side.

After all was said and done at the church, the bridesmaids helped taper Annmarie’s train from her dress up and we made out way to the reception to get some more pictures with the photographer before the real party began!

My aunt was also managing a photobooth at the reception and got a bunch of pictures of people at the wedding, including a sweaty Clay with his parents after a long night of dancing!


The reception was filled with laughs, good food, and a lot of dancing! I cannot be more thrilled with the crazy DJ, who is yes, the guy dressed as Michael Jackson. The guy was crazy, but everyone left saying that they have never seen so many people dancing at a wedding. It was a great long day for my extended family and friends.

I cannot believe that all the planning for this day could sweep by so fast, but now we are slowly working our way back into the normal routine again, and for me that means more writing and productivity for the Summer. I hope you enjoy your week readers and I am glad to be back!


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