Review: Melted Phone Case

June 1st, 2013

So if you are looking for a review of a top of the line phone case, this is definitely not it because I have a confession to make. I may or may not have an obsession with buying cheap phone cases on Amazon, solely for aesthetic purposes.  Well I came across this beauty and had to buy it! The 3D Purple with Green Melt ice-Cream Skin Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4S 4 Protect Case

PROS: Multiple color choices for this case. Easy to put on. Stylish.

CONS: Volume buttons a little hard to press. Case slides off easily.

Like I said earlier, if you want a case for aesthetic purposes only, then I would definitely reccomend this case, but it does come with some bad, like the fact that the 2 component phone case can slide off easily and the volume buttons are a little difficult to press but it hasn’t really bugged me. It’s just a cool looking case and for two bucks? How can you resist! I want to get some other colors and maybe mix and match 😉


Enjoy your weekend readers!


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