Thrifting And The Atomic Closet

May 28th, 2013

Hello all! Well this past weekend was definitely cut short to illness, but I can say that I enjoyed the days that I was feeling more above the weather. I spent this past weekend in Northern Michigan. Most Michiganders from the U.P. would probably be irritated by that statement, but to most Michiganders anything North of Flint and Grand Rapids is considered “Up North” for travel. Either way, I spent the weekend up North for some thrifting, family time, and deep fried food!


good day thrifting

The first thing I did Saturday was went into Cadillac Michigan for some good ole thrifting. Some was higher end and where I got all my clothes were from the Salvation army! It was fun to look at the upscale thrift stores though. My favorite of these 3 picks was the horse crew neck which I wore to school today!

One of my favorite consignment stops of the day was The Atomic Closet! Which had a lot of high end vintage items! My cousin Kate even picked up a dress from the place that looked amazing! If you like this kind of stuff I recommend checking it out if you’re passing through Cadillac!

Have a good one readers!



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