How To Get Through The Final Weeks of School

May 22nd, 2013

(courtesy of Cuba Gallery)

So I know for many of you in schooling like me, still have a few more weeks until you reach your Summer breaks, and for those who already are on Summer, lucky you! Also, if you aren’t in schooling this post may still apply to you in things to past time or to stay focus when it may seem hard. I know to us in school, we are all checking-out mentally and it has been hard to stay focused so here is a list of things I came up with that keeps me motivated as well as keeping these last few weeks of school not a total hell.


  • Make a music playlist of songs to remind you of Summer, this may increase your longing for Summer, but it helps me stay motivated in my school work knowing Summer is soon.
  • Log out of your computer. I know I have had to take more breaks from technology to stay focused. You will also stay more down to Earth during this time.
  • Make a Summer bucket list. I know that most of us never finish these, but it is good to kind of plan out what your goals for the Summer are.
  • Take a trip to the beach. This will give you a little Summer fix for the time being. Recommended on weekends.
  • Work outside. I find it much more relaxing to enjoy the Summer heat while working on a school project.
  • Spend time with friends. I think increasing social interaction during these few weeks will keep you from being bored out of your mind with school work, and being more motivated to work when you actually have to sit down and do it.
  • Check grades regularly. I know this seems a little self explanatory  but if you are on top of where you are in your class, you will be more apt to stay that way, I know I do.
  • TAKE BREAKS! Especially if you are cramming. They can be as small as 15 minutes, or as large as an hour if you have time for it. Your head will be less likely to explode studying if you take time to mentally regroup.
  • Avoid stress eating. I know I have done this where I excuse bad eating habits with the excuse of studying or cramming. A jar of lemonade and some celery sticks should do the trick without eating foods that make you stuffed. A chocolate bar every now or then wouldn’t hurt though 😉
  • Avoid time killers. You can do whatever of these you want during the Summer, but I know sites like Tumblr, and Twitter have sucked hours out of my study time because I lose track of it every time I log in.
  • Make a countdown! Taking the time to realize you only have so much time left will make you realize it wouldn’t be so bad to study up.
  • Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated, especially in this heat will keep you more alert during this time crucial for studying.


So I hope these keep you a little bit more motivated to stay focused for Summer. I know it is hard and will be hard, I am definitely in the same boat right now. Speaking as someone who has an acting final tomorrow, writing a post about how to stay focused probably isn’t the best idea, so learn from me, and stay focused and use your time wisely while making sure to do some fun things to keep your brain from exploding! 😉

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weeks readers, and stay happy and healthy!


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