We’re Golden

May 18th, 2013


This week has been pretty busy on my part, but I’M BACK and finally ready to coast into Summer, along focusing on some self projects to be developed over the next few weeks. Here is a small recap of this week.

Firstly, I have been getting a lot of use of my new favorite sneakers I purchased from H&M‘s Conscious line of eco-friendly clothing. I am absolutely in love. I also purchased a matching cap.

Other then testing ruining my week, once I was done with a cramping hand from multiple essays, I spent the evening with my friend Becca at my first Cabaret. We spent the night with a fancy Italian dinner along with some amazing voices from my school. It was good to finally enjoy myself and not have to worry about school.

On Thursday, my family took me out to eat for my BIRTHDAY at one of my favorite restaurants in GR. The Beltline Bar, notoriously known for their “American-Mexican” food, is always a stop I’m up for when it comes to eating. My favorite part of the meal was the fried ice cream.

-Finally yesterday was my golden birthday and I became 17 years old! I couldn’t have asked for a better day, and a more satisfying week. I hope you enjoyed your week while I was away and I will be getting back into the regular routine. Enjoy your weekend readers!



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