One Year: A Year In The Blogosphere

May 8th, 2013One Art Print


Welp, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started on this domain. It doesn’t feel like much, but I am proud of maintaining this home for me on the internet. I have had a presence on the internet like most of my age group for at least 6-7 years. I remember making little websites on my own when I was in middle school, etc. They were always abandoned. This has been a project I have stayed determined not to abandon, and I think I have even gotten better at updating rather from when I did 6 months ago.

I have always been fascinated by blogging, and like I previously explained I have had a presence on the internet for a while. For a long time I had been interested in video-blogging, Youtubers, etc. But it really was not where my passion was. I started reading more dedicated bloggers in early 2012 and that’s where I started to get inspired. I was also into photography and growing to be into the field of graphic design, and once I saw that many bloggers were just on these sites to share their passions, I was instantly inspired to partake in the fun. So I really had no other motive then to just get into it and see where it went, and I am still learning about all of this stuff.

I still am learning many things about the Blogosphere as I go along in this adventure but there is plenty I am already finding out. One of the biggest things I have learned is not to be afraid to try new things. At first, it can be quite overwhelming by bigger bloggers that you may not measure up, but what gives you an edge is the new things you try rather then sticking to the Status Quo. You will be happier if you truly blog about the things you like writing about rather then fitting a category  I still can find myself struggling with that, but I know I am much more pleased with my writing when it’s through my own passions. Speaking of passion, that should be your prime motivation. If you are blogging for monetization or fame, you will more than likely not get the results you are aiming for. People will begin to see through your lack of legitimacy so just stay real and blog about what makes you, you.

What I look forward for the future of this blog, is to see me share more. I began pretty vague and way less personal when it came to writing and sharing, and I am continuing to grow in that field, and I am excited to see what I have in store. I also think that another form of sharing my own content has motivated me to improve my content which I think I have grown in a designer all around in only such a short time, and there is plenty more to learn so I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


I would like to thank everyone so far that has taken the time to visit my blog, comment, or like posts. I appreciate every view and like so much and it motivates me even more to keep going to create new ideas. I can’t wait for another year in the blogosphere. Have a wonderful rest of your week readers!


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