Small Towns- Embrace Your Neck of The Woods!

May 1st, 2013


For many small-town bloggers in the blogger-sphere or just dreamers in general, we know we have spent a lot of time dreaming about living in big cities being streets away from the Madison Ave in NYC, or being able to shop on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. With these thoughts of places we are not as familiar yet, we tend to see our own neck of the woods as tasteless or boring. I know for me, especially in late Winter/early Spring I get tired of Grand Rapids and Michigan, but I then got to thinking about how I like reading things about the towns you normally don’t think of too often.

For Americans, we can get so caught up in our suburbs where things begin to feel the same for everyone. You will be surprised that if you take the time to find the little things that makes your town it’s own, then you will begin to be more pleased with your town regardless of the size. I have been finding more and more local businesses, restaurants, or  places that are unique to my town specifically, and it makes me appreciate my town, and realize it’s a lot bigger then just a little-big town that everyone has escaped from to the suburbs.

This may seem a little self explanatory, but if I have learned anything from blogging, you will get bored with your surroundings if you don’t use your resources. Even if that means taking the city bus to get downtown, you may find that little thing to be something you really enjoy. We all get so caught up in the media, and are under this impression that you can’t live a fabulous lifestyle unless you follow certain criteria, when really what makes your life fabulous is enjoying what you do, and enjoying where you are.

Don’t feel restricted to just your own town. It’s okay to explore! The suburbs are not always a taste-less cookie-cutter village. Like mentioned previously, exploring more will open up your perspective on your surroundings. I am proud to be from the region of West Michigan due to the fact I am only a short drive from a town, the beach, and a woodland escape. There’s plenty more out there beside your backyard, and main street.

While all of these ideas may seem open-ended and overwhelming, that’s kind of the point. We all glorify the places like New York, London, Paris, and so on because they all have their own unique things. What we don’t realize is that we all have our own something, that could be something as small as in your own back yard. It’s the smallest things that will let you appreciate your surroundings and may motivate yourself to share your surroundings with others. I know I do!


Happy May Day readers! My question for you is, what is something about your town you find unique? Or have you ever felt overwhelmed/intimidated by larger more glorified towns? I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


One thought on “Small Towns- Embrace Your Neck of The Woods!

  1. Grand Rapids is a great small city. I live in Peoria now and we make the trek there on occasion. Lived in Chicago, Dallas, abroad etc… it’s just all the little unique things of each place that make them cool.

    It used to be all the little hole-in-the-wall food joints, then it was architecture, some had the natural beauty, now for me it’s the neighborhood structures. I don’t see myself ever living in one place, let alone a mega-city because there are so many cool small towns to get lost in for awhile.

    Great post!

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