Grand Rapids, Or Should I Say, Atlantis?

April 22nd, 2013


It was an interesting view for me Sunday afternoon, as I could not walk along the paths that were paved along the Grand River. They were a few feet below water to the immense amounts of rain that occurred a couple days before.  Now I know that Atlantis is a bit of an exaggeration to the situation, but it is not an understatement to say that the water was something crazy!

I was not kidding. Thankfully it has not been severely dangerous to the people, and it has been kind of interesting seeing the town in a way it has never been before, if rarely. Many places and bridges along the Grand were closed due to the flooding, and worry of rising waters to overflow the bridges.

We spent some time along the river outside the Gerald R. Ford Museum to check out the overflow, and to get a grasp on the flooding, the lights in the upper-right hand corner of the photo above is where it should be normally. This is normally just an open grass area.


It was a little breezy that day, but I was pretty comfortable in my button-up flannel I bought freshman year that has been resurrected from my wardrobe, along with some shoes I don’t even remember when I bought them. I’m also some sunglasses and a beanie from H&M. This beanie has made many appearances on this blog, I just love to wear it with everything!


Although things were a little wet in GR the past few days, the sunshine and being in town is really making me anxious for Summer and warmer weather. Only a few more weeks of class until I’m free!(For the most part 😉 ) Enjoy your week readers!


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