Tumblr & Pinterest: The Internet’s Best & Worst Social Networks

April 10th, 2013


Over the last few months, I have been thinking a lot about two of the most surfed social networks in my web history, and I am sure that is also the same case for plenty of others. As a user of Tumblr since 2010, and only a Pinterest user for about a year now, I know how addicting and inspiring these two websites have been, and how I could spend days on it.

Spending days on it… You think I’m kidding, but I am definitely not, especially Tumblr. I have racked up over 19,000 posts on a previous Tumblr just from reblogging countless pictures (for non-Tumblr users, you will understand reblogging by reading the first sentence of this Wikipedia article.) While, I haven’t used Pinterest nearly as much Tumblr, I also have over 600 pins containing recipes, outfit photos, photo inspiration, etc. just from a year of use.

While my own Tumblr is primarily used now to sharing posts from my blog, and reblogging a few inspirational things, my Pinterest has none of my own content posted. Is there a problem with this? Not completely, I believe that sharing other’s content to inspire us, and finding little posts to make you smile is actually really cool, which is something amazing that the website offers. The only conflict I feel is that some of us can spend too much time on these sites getting inspired, but are not putting this inspiration into action.

I can probably count on one hand how many recipes out of the 100 on my Pinterest that I have actually tried to make myself. I could name many more examples of others who have almost triple the posts on mine and could say they haven’t tried much either. These two networks have consumed much time and has created much inspiration without many results.

So what’s the problem? Well I believe that some of us spend too much time living in a sort of fantasy and utopia of amazing things created by others, which we obviously would love to live ourselves, otherwise we wouldn’t have an interest in reblogging beach photos on Tumblr or pinning a pizza recipe, and Do-It-Yourself Chalk Board instructions on our Pinterests.

Taking a step back: I would like to see in myself, and others, actually taking a step back from our screens to go out and try that pizza ball recipe, paint a picture, take a walk in the rain, get some nice photos at the nearest park. Creating your own story by experiencing makes for so much more inspiration to get out more then seeing a simple photo on a screen. Especially for bloggers, Pinterest, Tumblr and many other sources like these on Tumblr for creative outlets on the internet, are some of the best inspiration to go out and try some of these things and report back with your own experiences or creations.


Before some of you think that I wrote this to trash these two websites, I love both of these sites in all sorts of ways, which is my problem to begin with. I just think as any type of indulgence can be over applied and overused which can be a dangerous habit to get into. I just believe that you can get so much more of a deeper benefit of these networks by going out and making the most out of the media you are exposed to every day.

I hope you enjoy this little Hump-Day-Treat, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! Happy Blogging…


One thought on “Tumblr & Pinterest: The Internet’s Best & Worst Social Networks

  1. I totally agree. I feel like I get my “culture/experience fix” by browsing blogs and pinterest a little too much. I should be going out and actually doing more often! Well, maybe once finals are over…anyways, good blog post. 🙂

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