A Typical Winter in Grand Haven

March 3rd, 2013

I spent yesterday fighting through the bitter cold to get a couple shots and view the waves crash on ice mounds along the Lake Michigan coast. I have always wanted to see what the beaches of Great Lakes look like in the Winter and I finally got around to seeing just that! What I learned in this trip is that, no matter what the weather is, always prepare for 10 degrees cooler at the lake shore.

My family and I started the day by introducing me to Donks, a small Mexican fast-food chain in Grand Rapids. Walking in, I already judged it as a poor attempt to be Taco Bell. Boy, I was totally wrong. Don’t let the Styrofoam containers, and plastic silverware fool you. This food is amazing! My beef wet burrito definitely hit the spot.

Upon arrival, I bundled up and made my way up the beach towards the water. I was surprised to see how the ice and snow accumulates at the lake shore making it dangerous to go to the edge of the ice. It was an awesome experience subtracting the ice cold wind hitting our faces.

As you can tell, my outfit was not nearly as appropriate as it needed to be for the weather, and I regret it. Looking off towards the pier, I noticed that the ice and snow was hanging over the edge of both sides of it. I knew it was dangerous but really wanted some shots so I braved the pier by myself.

I only got this far before realizing that it was too dangerous to go any further, especially in the shoes I was wearing.

All in all it was a pretty eventful day, and a worthwhile day trip to the lake shore. Though, I have realized that I definitely want Summer weather that I can spend at the beach and I want it now. I hope you all have great weeks readers! Try to find some time and get out to the lake shore if you haven’t yet this season. You will enjoy it, at least if you bundle up!


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