The Slowly Growing Shoe Addiction. A Wishlist.

February 17, 2013

It had occurred to me over this past weekend that I have never searched for shoes for my past shopping trips. This doesn’t mean I barely have any shoes, but I always just thought having a neutral colored pair of Toms was fine for any outfit. I am slowly realizing, not so much that it’s not possible, but more the fact that I have a craving for more shoes. The fact that Toms may not be the most appropriate for walking through Michigan blizzard like conditions, and that red converse don’t go with much. Of course I still like these easy shoes to put with an outfit and will probably be in most of my outfits when Summer hits but I have a growing wish-list in my head for more shoes.

To start off this wishlist, I looked through multiples of clothes featured on H&M’s website. It’s frustrating when the nearest H&M from Grand Rapids is Chicago or Detroit. Either way, I take much time looking through if I know I am travelling soon so I know what to pick up on my next trip.

I have recently been spending lots of time looking through the collection of shoes featured on and love their unique styles. I especially fell in love with the cloud patterned sneakers to the right.


While this is not a complete list, it expresses my latest shopping craving. It also inspires me to mix up my outfits whilst incorporating more of my shoes. Now if I actually could obtain the money to buy these shoes… damn saving. Anyways I hope you all have a fabulous week readers, I am off on break so I know I will! 😉


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