California Dreamin’

February  2nd, 2013

Well today, my inspiration has been my longing for the West coast, and definitely not Michigan’s. This outfit, probably is not appropriate for the weather but these temperatures haven’t been calling my name outdoors much either. I like Michigan for the most part, even though my dramatic tweets probably make it seem otherwise. The Summers are so much more enjoyable than the Winters. I like Winter, but the weather that comes with it makes getting around quite difficult, especially when you don’t live in as dense of an area as other towns.

This Outfit:________________________

  1. Grey Beanie from H&M
  2. Denim Button-Up from H&M
  3. DIY Tie-Dye T Shirt
  4. Anchor Necklace from a small shop in Northern Michigan
  5. Khaki Pants from Rue 21

The problem most Michiganders, and I have is that half way through Winter, we get tired of wearing clothes to keep warm, so we push our boundaries as temperatures rise minimally. I seek any opportunity to wear tank-tops, sunglasses, shorts etc at this point of the Winter.

With that inspiration I leave you with some Mamas and the Papas. The song perfectly explains my mood and has resulted in being played on repeat this whole weekend. Have a wonderful weekend readers!


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