January Favorites 2013

January 31st, 2013
I’ve decided to adopt the same idea from 7 Day Favorites and apply them to a monthly article!

I have been so fascinated with fashion blogs and design lately. I have been quite enamored with the mission Amy Lee of Vagabond Youth! The Los Angeles bred Teenager run’s a personal style blog that features her own outfits, whilst running an indie online apparel store. I find so much inspiration from people like her who have so much ambition and have done so much at such a young age. Check her out, along with her Youtube channel that features well made OOTD vids!

(Photo courtesy of moonriverr.blogspot.com)

I find myself asking myself most of the time why do things have to cost money, especially apparel. I haven’t been astounded with my style direction this season. This is mostly because my outfits have been quite generic and usually feature a sweater in the mix. The thing is, it’s so much easier to slap on a sweater and jeans with 20 minutes to get ready in the AM rather then planning out an outfit at night instead of finishing an essay for school.

Right now, I have been inspired by button-ups mixed with old t shirts. This has been the perfect compromise for my rush for time during school and get’s my old t shirts some time out of the dresser.

Being a Tumblr user since 2010, I have seen thousands of pictures of artists I haven’t event heard of before. One being Marina and Diamonds. I always saw pictures of her and her adorable heart shaped tattoo on her upper cheek, but never have listened to her. Once I finally saw her under a related video whilst searching through Youtube, she has morphed into one of my favorite artists. After watching interviews with her, she has demonstrated such a dynamic personality, and am pleased I took the time to listen to her and her lyrics.

I think utilizing this format for monthly favorites will flow more smoothly then previous “7 Day Favorites” posts. Enjoy your weekend readers, and stay warm, it definitely has not been in Michigan. 🙂


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