Sweater Obsession: I Might Need Help!

Happy Monday readers! Thankfully I have the day off today so I managed to take some time and write. These last 2 weeks have been quite hectic. The first week of January featured a lot of stress, anxiety and ambition. I managed to pull through and land myself a part in the show I’m now currently in! The following week then consisted of a week of practice and getting fully back in the swing of things since Winter break ended. I have noticed something, just throughout these couple weeks of 2013, and that is my utter fascination or obsession of Winter sweaters. I was questioned earlier this week by many why I was wearing a Christmas sweater in the midst of January. I really didn’t have an answer rather then I spend too much time and money searching through the racks of goodwill for sweaters. This is the one I wore on my latest visit to good will this Saturday.

Now I bought this beaut’ in November on another shopping spree to good will with Julia. She definitely did not have the same attraction to this piece of textile as I did. I don’t know if it was the large paisleys printed down the front, or the mixes of red, mustard yellow, and brown that brought me to it, but I bought it and still don’t regret it.

This pattern though.

This is just one of the many that I have added to my collection this past season. I love finding sweaters as these because while it may have been trash to one it is treasure to another. I hope to share more outfits in posts like these in the future. Do you all enjoy sweaters like I do, or do you have another article of clothing you can’t get enough of? I’d like to know! Anyways, have a wonderful week readers and Happy MLK Day!


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