P4A 2012: Discover the Awesome

More specifically speaking, if you are not apart of the Youtube community, P4A stands for Project for Awesome! This campaign was founded in 2007 by John and Hank Green, notable Youtubers or if you are not a Youtube junkie like me, you might recognize John Green, the author of many outstanding books such as The Fault In Our Stars, Looking For Alaska, Papertowns, Etc.

The two have created an annual event that is built for Youtubers to decrease “World Suck” in the planet. How is this done? Youtubers simply on the same day create videos supporting, and describing their favorite Charities. This spreads awareness of several conflicts around the world and influences others to act out and fight against the ongoing challenges our planet faces every day.

You can help by watching these videos, get informed, and hopefully are encouraged to help any cause mediated by these Youtubers. Below I have listed a couple links to some videos to help you get started! I hope you enjoy your week readers and be awesome!

Project For Awesome: 

Karen Kavett interviews Charity: Water staff in this video!

Mitchell Davis of livelavalive shows his support of AAF Pets, an animal adoption agency.

Musician, and member of ALLCAPS, Luke Conard shares his experiences with Toys For Tots in this vid.



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