Oh Geeze… It’s been a while.

Well… I don’t know where to begin, nor do I know how to really formally write this so it might be a little messy, but it’s been over a month sense I’ve updated last, and really unless you follow my twitter or instagram, you aren’t very informed on whats been up!

Well anyways, to begin, Art Prize 2012 was, once again a success in Grand Rapids. Art Prize is a growing art competition where from local artists, to artists from Japan gather in this town to display their artwork from any medium for two weeks, and the winning contestant(decided by voters) receives $200,000 dollars! I managed to get downtown for 3 days of the festival, and every day I went the turnout was great across town.

I’ve also been working on 3 different theater productions this fall which has surely kept me busy.

I also spent a weekend in Cincinnati, in early November and had the best time. I had one more taste of warmth before the “Michigan Winter” really begins to kick in. To be honest, I only went for the H&M, IKEA, and Waffle House, which all of these are not local chains so it’s a treat to visit them and pick up a new outfit, table, or meal. 🙂

My new button-up and beanie from H&M.

This I think is my favorite news. I went to go get piercings with Nicki last Saturday! Now most normal people go shopping for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving… and well, we went shopping for piercings.

We’re goons…

Welp anyways, I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends and I think I will actually be able to post regularly now rather then throwing poorly formatted updates at you! Have a great week readers.


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