7DF: 9.23.12

With all of the busy routines of the school year, I have managed to find time to still explore and share my favorite things. The latest things I appreciate.

Looking for a site that is a mixture of photography, style, and just all around awesomeness? Look no further than Luxirare.com. I found her blog a couple of months ago through another vlogger I watch/read. She posts in a web-zine style that displays topics of fashion, her own personal designs, and cuisine which I am most impressed. Her large photos that display her talent really inspire me. I would check her out if I were you.


(source: luxirare.com)

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite things to do because it always feels like mini treasure hunts every time you go out. To save money, and to find textiles that are rare to find, I have been slowly drifting from retail shopping for most situations. Since fall has been approaching, sweaters and long sleeves have been on the top of my look-out list when I go. I mix some old and new finds to create personalized outfits. It can actually look pretty good(:

Melanie Martinez definitely won my heart and favor in The Voice on NBC. She took the classic Brit song Toxic and had just a whole different acoustic feel, and I can’t stop listening to it.

-If any of you have anything style, people, or music to suggest to me, just leave a comment or tweet me here! Enjoy your Week readers!


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