Venturing the Carnival

Hello readers! The other day some friends, and I went to a local Carnival put on annually in the suburbs that we always go to meet up with other old friends and just to ride some rides. Even though when your riding them you continue to question your safety and sanity for making the option to sit in multiple metal death traps that you wont know what will do next… Anyways we had a wonderful time, and I always make it a mission to buy a crispy carnival corn dog and a good ole elephant ear. I didn’t bring my camera because I’m riding so many rides it would’ve been difficult to ride rides along with my hunky camera, but I did manage to get some video on my phone, so with that, I give you this! (:

I hope you enjoy your weeks readers, and keep checking back for multiple posts from the last two weeks. The school year has taken my life and limits my social life, let alone my blogging life! I finally got some time to push aside the homework, and slide in the keyboard, so hang in there! ❤


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