Birthday Cake Pops

This week, I decided to make it a tradition to make a dessert for one of my good friends, Nicki’s birthday party. Last year I made her watermelon cupcakes (not flavor, shape) They looked quite amateur, but I think I made them somewhat cute, considering it was my first time playing with fondant.

(old camera, old recipe)

This year, with the help of a recipe from I made some cake pops in result of the Sweet 16 Celebration! I used chocolate devil’s food cake, with a vanilla candy coating for the cake pops.

I spread out the process over two days, due to other events, and I still think they turned out. Again I am not a professional by any means, I just like baking. I think I inherit this trait from my mother considering I grew up with a bunch of tasty treats lying around all the time.

(After dipping, and drizzling candy coating, this is the final product)

It is typical to display the cake pops in Styrofoam. I bought 2 platforms of Styrofoam, and placed them in 2 pales I found at Michaels real cheap. Nicki’s party colors were pastel pink and green, so that’s what I drizzled the pops with by just adding a small amount of pink and green food coloring to the extra candy coating.

Not perfect, but I do say, they sure darn tasted good. I also had poked multiple holes through the Styrofoam, so I used some curly ribbon from the store to just cover that up, and it added a nice touch. Lemme know if you have any other good dessert recipes I can try out in the future(:


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