The Grand Hotel

On my most recent endeavor to Mackinac Island, I got the opportunity to finally explore the halls of The Grand Hotel. An architectural old American masterpiece resided on this piece of land. This hotel also features the longest porch in the country. It was truly a treat to walk on and really experience Michigan luxury at its finest. 😉

The amount of service when you approach the hotel is amazing. Bellhops, and assistance is always nearby. I felt rich already walking towards the hotel onto the main porch.

Speaking of the porch, The amount of use it got was nice to see as well. It really reminded me of old american style homes that you see in the movies. The balconies above give a nice touch as well.

Entering the hotel was another experience. The amount of detail in the whole room really stuck out to me. All of the furniture looked almost to pricey to sit on! 😉

The icing on the cake of this hotel was literally on top. Up the elevator we went to the bar that overlooked the island, the bridge, and Lake Huron. The chandelier in the center that was over an opening to the floor below was very intruiging. I do not regret spending the time to walk the mile of path to see all of this glory. This hotel is not to be underestimated! Anyways expect more Mackinac posts over the next few days! Have a wonderful week readers!


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