St. Louis, What An Experience.

I have had the weekend to get myself cleaned up, and was able to get back to regular life and normal things. Now I can finally sit down and share the events of my past week doing mission work in Missouri. Please be prepared for many low quality pictures taken on my phone, it was the only form of camera I had.

Through the road trip there, I was with a wild bunch. A van full of laughs and voice really made for a lively trip. After being packed in a mobile burrito for 8 hours, finally The Arch was in sight over the horizon. It was an indication that we have reached our temporary home for the next week.

After a night of dinner, and orientation, I spent the first night of sleep on a blow-up air mattress. Thankfully adrenaline was the only thing that fooled my brain into a good night’s rest for the day. I worked the first two days in a kitchen that made meals that delivered to disabled or elderly that could not get access to grocery stores for nutritious meals. Most of them usually get their meals through gas stations. Seeing the reactions of those who wait every day for those meals, was very rewarding.

One activity scheduled by the staff working with us down there was to take our group to The Gateway Arch, a popular monument, in which the town is known for. I don’t know if it is foolish or not that I only found out a week before arrival that you could actually go up in the Arch! The tight capsule ride up was a little sketchy, but for the views, it was totally worth it!

The last half of the week we got to work at a community center with kids, and elderly, and just hangout! Not as labor intensive as working in a hot kitchen sorting through rotten food, and cooking, but working directly with the people all day really was a joy to do.

The night before we left, we also got to throw a community cookout, where people from the neighborhood we stayed in and others we worked with could come down to hang out and play. I played with some kids, and they got a little attached. Literally.

The week flew by as multiple work projects and worship kept me and my group busy. The people I interacted with were amazing. I really feel accomplished that I have helped put an impact on this town of hope.

P.S. Again I apologize for the low quality pictures and sizes. I wanted to leave my bulky camera behind, because I didn’t want to make it about the pictures rather then the experience. Expect regular posts and pictures for now on. (:


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