America.. or something

So most of you are probably out right now sitting on a lawn chair at some location watching colorful sparks burst in your eyes. During this, I am switching between Youtube & Music, trying to drown out the noise of my dog as he feels the need to bark at every firework sent into the sky. I have gone through almost a pitcher of green tea, and I keep regretting not making plans for tonight.

So basically the only events of today, were waking up early in the morning to go North for a relative’s graduation party, slash, “fourth of july celebration” No parade, I guess if you consider the occasional doses of drunk middle aged woman shaking their “goodies” (as my grandmother calls them) as they yell “HAPPY FOURTH OF JULYASJKGHDJKFAHF” from their patriotic decorated pontoon boats.


But it isn’t all depressing, I actually would’ve enjoyed more of it if I hadn’t been running on only a couple hours of sleep. I would like to wish my readers a happy Independence Day. Enjoy what ever you did to celebrate this backwards day in America. I now leave you with a Jump 5 performance and an old McDonald’s commercial. Go America!


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