7DF: 6.13.12

Now I am not a big fashion guru, but I recently came across an inspiration for me. Her name is Tavi Gevinson. The way I can relate to her is the fact we have both had a presence on the internet at quite an early age. She began her blog The Style Rookie in 2008. She currently runs an online feminist magazine RookieMag.com. This blogger has such a unique voice in her writing which I think gains the attraction of her following she has accumulated over the years. The fact she is only 16 and has attended many shows at New York’s Fashion Week, based on her status of fashion expression over the web. Her success is very inspiring and I hope to see more of her in the future.

(Credit: TheStyleRookie.com)

I am a guy. I do not need as many shoes as women, but there does come a rare time where I need to replace battered shoes of mine. My old pair of Sanuks that I have used for about a year. They worked perfectly but the gaping hole that seemed to grow every time I went out was an indication that I needed a new pair. I’ve decided to switch to Toms where this pair is I think on my wishlist for the summer.

Nautical Oxford Men's Classics sideNautical Oxford Men's Classics sideNautical Oxford Men's Classics sideNautical Oxford Men's Classics sideNautical Oxford Men's Classics side

Towards Summer, the most recent season of Glee ends which ends the routine of theatrically redone songs that I make an opinion on. Thankfully last Summer, The Glee Project arrived to Oxygen which could fill that void before a new season. The basis of this show is a competition for one contender to win a 7 episode arc(story line) on Glee. The contenders of each season have so much talent, and to be honest, I end up liking The Glee Project songs more then I appreciate Glee songs. The most recent episode they did a Party Rock Anthem, by LMFAO. The reason I find the songs so cool, is they take the song, and it is sang by so many different, and unique voices, which gives a whole new twist, and feel to the song. Here is their latest music video.


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