7DF: 5.6.12

So Basically this is a post I will do weekly to express things that I am currently interested in or things I find cool.

While taking a graphic design course in school last semester, my teacher introduced me and my class to Karen Kavett. I instantly fell in love with her videos and her “quirky nerd traits” I recently though started to read her blog, and I am discovering all of her work in her graphic design portfolio. It is absolutely amazing. Check her out at KarenKavett.com

Another blog I must express I have found through Karen, is NubbyTwiglet . She gives me such inspiration in graphic design and photography. Her style is very distinct and I love all of her logos. I do have to also add her “The Week In Pictures” was my inspiration for this post. Her use of typography and use of a camera really makes me want to go out and shoot.

Living in Michigan, Spring usually is a season of highs and lows. This past week was  generally warm but past few weeks have been cool and breezy. Light sweaters and buttonups have been in my wardrobe.

YouTube is always a place I will go to find artists to cover songs I am bored with. These artists will sometimes stick with me. Ryan Beatty is an artist I have been following recently, and has such a unique voice and my favorite is his cover of “The Way I Am” originally done by Ingrid Michaelson.


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